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24K Humors Fans and Media at Press Conference

24K held a press conference for their first ever showcase tour in Malaysia. Although there were only five members presented at the press conference, the event went on smoothly with these 5 boys filled the gap with fun atmosphere!

BIGFLO Stolen Fans' Heart through Showcase

BIGFLO visited Malaysia from 13th to 17th April to meet their fans here in special events called “BIGFLO The First Showcase in Malaysia 2016”. Find out what happened at the fun-filled showcase that was held at The Summit Subang USJ Mall

Press Conference: BIGFLO First Showcase in Malaysia

A press conference for BIGFLO The First Showcase in Malaysia 2016 was held on 15th April 2016 at LOGO Fashion Lounge Gallery, Evolve Concept Mall, where we get the chance to get to know them prior to their first ever showcase in Malaysia.

HIGH4 Entertained HIGH5 through 3 Showcases in Malaysia

HIGH4 visited Malaysia on 4th – 6th September 2015 for a series of showcases across the nation. Find out how Sunggu, Alex, Myeonghan and Youngjun entertained HIGH5 throughout their showcases in Malaysia!

HIGH4 First Showcase Promo Tour Malaysia 2015

Another rookie group is coming to Malaysia for a promotional tour this coming September! HIGH4, which consists of Sunggu, Alex, Myunghan, and Youngjun, is coming to Malaysia for “HIGH4 First Showcase Promo Tour Malaysia 2015” from 3rd September to 6th September 2015. Find out how you can get passes to meet them closely.

TOPP DOGG Live Showcase in Malaysia

TOPP DOGG entertained ToppKlass in Malaysia with live and powerful performances for their “TOPP DOGG 1st Showcase 2014 Live in Kuala Lumpur” which was held on 7th December 2014! Check out our review, and find out the locations for their US tour!

"EvoL"ution Time in Malaysia

EvoL entertained Vollers and held their first ever Showcase in Malaysia from September 25th – 28th! Find out what they were up to during their hiatus time as well as their upcoming plan in our review.

AlphaBAT 2nd Showcase + Final Audition

Rookie boy group, AlphaBAT was back in Malaysia for the second time in this year. Another round of showcases throughout several big cities in Malaysia ended with a final audition in search for their 10th member!