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Manifesto Monday: BAP

BAP easily had the most impressive rookie year in 2012, however they also had the most exhausting schedule in k-pop for two years. See their growth from debut to lawsuit.

Manifesto Monday: Teen Top

This week’s Manifesto Monday are the teens who are all grown up, Teen Top! Learn all about this group that once was the youngest group to debut in Korea.

Manifesto Monday – BTS

This week’s Manifesto Monday is bulletproof! Find out all about the members of BTS and their history, packed full with their videos!

Manifesto Monday: SPICA

This week, we focus on Korean girl group SPICA, just in time for their English language debut! Find out about the members and their history! Join the Mercury rising as Spica release their single in North America!

Manifesto Monday – B1A4

B1A4 are our artist of the week for Manifesto Monday! Guest writer Kayla summarizes her favourite group just in time for KCON and “SOLO DAY”

Manifesto Monday: f(x)

This week we look at the wonderfully unique girl group, f(x)! Have a look at their history, previous videos, and member profiles!