K-Soul Staff

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Rebecca Bredin

Rebecca lived in South Korea from September 2010 to March 2014. Arriving in South Korea with absolutely no knowledge of k-pop, she was sucked into its highly addictive music and the culture surrounding it very quickly, finding herself at concerts and music show tapings every weekend.

Through her website, A Blog Abroad, Rebecca began to write about k-pop culture in South Korea, finding the subject quickly taking over her site. Realizing there was a potentially huge audience of those interested in k-pop and wanting to hear more from things directly in Korea, she began creating K-Soul magazine as a way to share Korean pop culture to people around the world, directly from Seoul.


Managing Editor

Samantha Lifson

Samantha was introduced to K-pop in 2009 when she was sent G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” by a friend. With her long history of loving Japanese rock and pop and her many years as a practitioner of the Korean martial art Tae Kwon Do, no one was surprised when she became obsessed with the genre. A fan of many types of media, she loves thinking critically about pop culture, fandom, society, and where it all interconnects. In addition to running K-Soul, Samantha also founded and manages the East Coast Facebook Outlet (also known as ECKO), the largest united fan community dedicated to all things Korean pop culture.




Dhania Kamayana

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Katrina Palen

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Shelly Pires

Shelly learned about K-pop in 2010 through groups like Girls Generation and Super Junior. A lover of language-learning, Shelly dove into K-pop as a means to learn more about Korea and the Korean language. Whether it’s breaking down the musical structure of her favorite songs, discussing the social trends behind her favorite releases, or just gushing about what her favorite members did this time, Shelly’s never short on things to talk about when it comes to K-pop. Her hope is to take those thoughts from table conversation with a few friends to written correspondence with other curious fans like herself.


Ting Ting Lu

A late bloomer to the Korean entertainment industry, Ting Ting’s inaugural moment came in 2010 after stumbling upon Playful Kiss. It didn’t take long for her to embrace all that K-drama has to offer. These days, she goes through about a drama a month (usually more if she decides to shirk real life responsibilities) and is “secretly” plotting ways to make Korean dramas a more mainstream form in American television. Her favorite dramas include It’s Okay, That’s Love, Gu Family Book, and The King 2 Hearts 


In the real world, Ting Ting is a soon-to-be graduate of New York University. Her interests lie in global television and entertainment law. When not writing for K-Soul, Ting Ting is a Programming and Development intern at a major television network. She has also had the opportunity to work with singer/songwriter Jesse McCartney and at events like Billboard Women in Music Awards, America’s Got Talent, and the DramaFever Awards.


Natalie Gedeon

Faridah Hanim 

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