K-Tigers, a collective of martial artists that revolutionized the genre of “Taekwon-dance” by bringing together K-pop hits and traditional Taekwondo, will be hitting North America with the K-TIGERS ZERO Live Show World Tour. The tour kicks off this October in Vancouver, followed by appearances in San Jose, Los Angeles, Dallas, Toronto, New York, Miami, Atlanta, and Washington D.C.

K-Tigers Zero Dates and Locations
K-Tigers Zero Dates and Locations

The show will feature K-TIGERS ZERO, a co-ed martial arts performance group derived from “K-TIGERS” that includes 7 boys (Ha Seong Jin, Lee Kang min, Byun Hyun Min, Kang Gun Woo, Na Tae Joo, Oh Hyung kyun, Jang Jun Hee) and 5 girls (Kim Tae Mi, Chung Yun Ji, Park Yi Seul, Kim Yu Jin, Cho Min Ji). To follow their journey, check out Shindong’s Kick Service – K-TIGERS ZERO Debut Project Show” which documents their road to debuting as an official unit.

With a history of viral videos stemming from their YouTube channel that boasts over 1.2 million subscribers, it was K-Tigers who played an instrumental role in integrating the traditional art of Taekwondo into the hallyu wave as we see it today. Given how important Taekwondo is to Korean heritage, the approach they took to their art shined a light on the ways tradition and popular culture can be combined to create new art forms. They inspired a movement, and called global attention to Taekwondo as an innovative martial art despite its prevalence in Korean culture for centuries.

Keep an eye on the Coreators website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more information on the K-TIGERS ZERO LIVE SHOW WORLD TOUR 2019! We’ll also be sharing updates on our socials as well. Ticket details to be announced soon.

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