Month: December 2014

The 5 Headlines that Shook K-Pop in 2014

We’re checking out the 5 Headlines that shook k-pop in 2014, according to our editor, Rebecca! Let us know what you think of our choices, and what stood out to you in 2014.

Boyfriend's "Bewitch" is coming to Malaysia!

Boyfriend is scheduled to hold a mini concert in Malaysia entitled ‘Boyfriend the First Mini Concert in Malaysia “Bewitch” 2015’ on 24th January 2015. Find out how to get your tickets (SVVIP, VVIP, VIP and other categories) to this mini concert in Malaysia!

Manifesto Monday: BAP

BAP easily had the most impressive rookie year in 2012, however they also had the most exhausting schedule in k-pop for two years. See their growth from debut to lawsuit.