Saturday, 10th August 2014, once again, AlphaBAT has visited Malaysia for the second time in 5 months to drop another showcase in Malaysia! Held at 1 Shamelin Shopping Mall’s Concourse Area, the boys had two intentions up their sleeve, which were 1)to treat their fans, Alpha, with another round of exciting showcases, and 2) to carry out the final audition in search for their 10th member. Before coming back to Kuala Lumpur for their final performance, they had first held their showcase at Ipoh Parade and Mahkota Parade on 8th August and 9th August respectively. This time around, fans from Indonesia and Korea had joined the fun by attending the showcase together with local fans.

 The event which was scheduled to start at 4pm was delayed due to unexpected traffic congestion in the city. The AlphaBAT boys arrived later than  scheduled and they immediately hit up the concourse area with an opening song, their own rendition of Big Bang’s “Tonight”. Powerful vocal line combined with the rappers, they really nailed the performance in their own way and earned a big round of applause from the audience and fans. For this showcase, AlphaBAT showed up in a very casual hip-hop style outfit which really complemented their style of music. During Tonight’s performance, E:psilon was not seen on the stage which later was revealed during the opening greeting to be because he was injured while practicing for their showcase in Korea, and was seen standing near the door’s backstage with a bandaged leg.

The mood of the venue changed as B:eta, D:elta and I:ota took charge of the next performance by serenading fans with a slow tempo of Sistar’s “Loving You”. B:eta and Delta’s sweet and soothing voices really melt every heart that presence that day. Soon after, I:ota was left alone on stage which he then invited F:ie and J:eta for their powerful and exciting performance. From the sweet ballad song, the three boys shook the venue with their new hip hop song called “삼박자 (Triplex)”, which brought the fans to their feet and singing along with them. They had created a frenzied atmosphere as they opted to running around the venue, blending with the crowd instead of just performed on stage.

After three songs, AlphaBat took a breather and started the infamous stage game that they do at every showcase or fan meeting. Every fan that purchased AlphaBAT’s album at the venue is given a number that made them eligible to stand a chance to play a game with the boys, where each of AlphaBAT members will draw a number each from a box. Two team were formed as they played none other than ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ game, the AlphaBAT team and the Alpha, which consisted of the lucky fans who were picked through the lucky draw. If AlphaBAT win, Alpha needs to dance on the stage. However, if Alpha wins, they get the chance to choose either to take picture with all AlphaBAT members or they can choose their favourite member. Fortunate enough, E:psilon got to join the boys and fans playing the game as it did not required harsh movement on stage. The game was easy enough and super fun as the AlphaBAT members mischievous personality was shown throughout the classic game. At one point, the youngest member J:eta was caught lying when he promised to show ‘Rock’ to show as a symbolic of a man but switching to ‘Paper’ at the last minute, which caused laughter from everyone and earned him a dirty look from AlphaBAT members, especially Beta, the group leader. Alpha ended up winning the game and they were rewarded as promised.

Next, fans were treated with their upbeat debut song “AB City”. Along with AlphaBAT’s powerful stage, fans’ fanchant could also be heard loudly, which I believe to have made the boys felt elated throughout the performance. After, B:eta announced that their next performance will be their hit song “딴따라 Ttantara”. Upon hearing the unsatisfactory response from the fans, B:eta jokingly said that he wanted to go back to Korea immediately, which Alpha quickly responded with a loud protest and began to scream vocally. Contented with the response, AlphaBAT began their amazing and powerful performance of “Ttantara”. This time, Alpha was overjoyed as AlphaBAT was able to perform “딴따라 Ttantara” live! During their first showcase in April, they were not able to perform the song live, which was believed due to sound system issues.

After the performance, the MC announced that Alpha has made special request where AlphaBAT members were asked to turn around and faced the stage’s wall. 5 Alpha’s representatives came forward and presented them with the props they used in the “Ttantara” MV. The boys were asked to perform “딴따라 Ttantara” once again using the props they were presented. The members carefully tested the props and few of them already playing around with it while some of them were showing how heavy the stick was. The forever chatty leader, B:eta, started to be mischievous again, playfully scolding fans by continuously notifying Alpha that he refused to perform with the prop as the it was dangerous. He even said that they could die if they got hit with the heavy black stick! When the impromptu performance ended, some of the members were caught stretching their hand and C:ode was showing his palm to B:eta to address the after effect of performing with the heavy stick. But then again, that did not bring their spirits down, as they were very grateful to Malaysia’s Alpha for preparing a surprise event and supporting them all along.

The showcase also brought another birthday celebration as everyone presence celebrated E:psilon’s birthday, which fell on 6th August. He was so touched that he was moved to tears. Despite feeling guilty for not be able to participate actively in this round of showcase, the birthday celebration was a beautiful moment shared between E:psilon, AlphaBAT and Alpha. Next, they chose to perform a slow song from their album “Always” for their final performance. The song has deep meaning as it was a present from AlphaBAT to Alpha. As the lovely song ended, it marked the end of AlphaBAT’s performance for their second showcase.

After the performance, fellow media was invited up to the stage for photo session before proceeded with the photograph session with fans. The session displayed the AlphaBAT members’ fun and playful sides as they presented Alpha with lots of fan services while taking pictures.

It was time for the final audition for the 10th member of AlphaBAT. During their last visit, they received an overwhelming attention from Malaysian media as they announced that they were seeking a Malaysian to be their 10th member. Three finalists from the April’s audition had their final battle to grab the spot as AlphaBAT member. One of the contestants, Isaac, has received a lot of attention as the fans caught some of the AlphaBAT members peeked out from backstage to see him perform their song “Surprised Party”. The three of them sang, dance and performed simple expression acts in front of Simtong Entertainment’s CEO, Mr Shim Jaehyup. The result was unannounced as more time needed to carefully access the finalists’ talent. The winner will undertake at least a year of training under Simtong Entertainment in South Korea.

Whoever Simtong Entertainment chooses to be the 10th member, we wish you all the best!
Again, thank you New Pro-Stars for letting us to cover and follow this event closely from the start.

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