Normally, every other week we feature an artist that has a single that is being released around that time. However, giving the recent passing of EunB and RiSe from Ladies Code, we felt it more fitting to highlight the amazing career that Ladies Code was building for themselves, in case some K-Pop fans might not be familiar with their work.

Members of Ladies Code



Name: Ashley Choi
Real Name: Choi Binna (최빛나)
Position in Group: Leader, lead vocals
Birthday: November 9, 1991
Height: 166cm
Weight: 48kg
Random facts:



Name: RiSe
Real Name: Kwon Risae (권리세)
Position in Group: Sub vocals, lead dancers
Birthday: August 16, 1991
Death: September 7, 2014
Height: 164cm
Weight: 45kg
Random Facts:

  • Risae was a 4th generation Korean Japanese. She was born and raised in Fukushima.
  • Risae had a degree in Economics and Business Administration from Seikei University
  • She participated in Miss Korea 2009 as the Japanese contestant
  • Risae was in the top 12 of “Star Audition The Great Birth” in 2011
  • Risae was also known for being in “We Got Married” before joining Ladies Code
  • Her name in the group was “Pure Code”
  • You can go back and read her tweets at @LC__Rise



Name: EunB
Real Name: Go Eunbi (고은비)
Position in Group: Vocalist
Birthday: November 23, 1992
Death: September 3rd, 2014
Height: 164cm
Weight:  44kg
Random Facts:

  • Eunbi was related through marriage to a famous news broadcaster, Kim Sung Joon
  • Her name in the group was “Lovely Code”
  • Eunbi’s blood type was AB
  • You can go back and read her twitter account at @LC__EunB



Name: Sojung
Real Name: Lee Sojeong 이소정
Position: Main vocalist
Birthday: September 3rd, 1993
Height: 162cm
Weight: 43kg
Random Facts:

  • Sojung was in the top 8 in the talent show “The Voice of Korea
  • Her name in the group is “Funky Code”
  • You can follow her on twitter @LC__Sojung


Name: Zuny
Real Name: Kim Jumi 김주미
Position: Lead vocalist, maknae
Birthday: December 8, 1994
Height: 165cm
Weight:  44kg
Random Facts:

  • Zuny’s blood type is B
  • Zuny is skilled in acting
  • Her name in the group is “Pretty Chic Code”
  • You can follow her on twitter account @LC__Zuny


About Ladies Code

Ladies Code was a group where most of the members were established before they even joined Polaris. Ashley was a prolific Youtuber, performing dance covers from back in the United States. Sojung was a performer on Korea’s version of “The Voice“. RiSe, who really was the face of the group in the beginning, was one of the most recognizable, having been on “Birth of a Great Star” and “We Got Married”. The girls knew what they were getting themselves into when they joined together to make Ladies Code.
In March 2013, Ladies Code debuted with their first single, Bad Girl. The song caught a lot of attention for a debut artist, charting in the top ten in the streaming charts for Soirbada, Daum and Naver. Standing out with their powerful vocals and demanding stage presence, Ladies Code won over a lot of people very quickly, and earned themselves a lot of respect from k-pop fans that got to watch their performances live.

Their next single came in the form of a digital single in Hate You. The much more somber song about a relationship that should have ended long ago also did well, charting high on the digital charts like Bugs, MNet and CyWorld.

In September 2013, Ladies Code released their second mini-album, CODE#2, which had the title track Pretty Pretty (예뻐예뻐) Ladies Code continued to build their popularity with this song. While their previous tracks showed off their vocal skills and their range as singers, Pretty Pretty was a purely infectious track that was able to work its way into the eardrum of every middle school student, having them sing and chant it during their breaks and lunch time, or do a cover dance during their sports day along with other pop songs of the year.

In February 2014, Ladies Code released “So Wonderful”, which continued to build upon their successes before, building their way higher in the charts. “So Wonderful” reached 14th in the weekly digital rankings, their highest overall ranking.

In July 2014, Ladies Code released their latest single, “Kiss Kiss”. The track had the same cute, catchy tone that “Pretty Pretty” had the year before, and physical sales of the single did well. Digitally, the track did not have the same strength the others did, but it was hard to deny that these girls still were on the road to success, with their fan base growing.


The Accident

On September 3rd, around 1:30am, after returning from a taping in Daegu, Ladies Code were involved in a fatal accident. Investigations are still ongoing, but current information leads us to believe that the van was a rental due to their regular van breaking down earlier that day. The wheel fell off, then swerved to avoid another car, causing the accident. EunB died at the scene. Sojung and RiSe were taken to the hospital in critical condition, but RiSe died from her injuries a few days later.
Like many new groups, Ladies Code had a dream of reaching #1 in the charts. Korean fan clubs decided to make this happen for the group as a tribute, streaming the song “I’m Fine, Thank You” until it topped all major charts.


Normally, in this section, we go on about why an artist is amazing, and why people should support a group. But in this case, I know that the entire K-Pop community has been supporting Ladies Code through September, whether or not they’ve heard a single song.
I was blessed enough to be able to see these girls from their debut performance, and can still remember the way my jaw dropped when I heard “Bad Girl” live for the first time. The power and confidence they could sell on stage was leaps and bounds beyond rookie status, and they deserved legions of fans. Seeing the news come up on my twitter feed, my heart broke. I felt like, at first, perhaps it was shock journalism, and they’d be proven wrong. But it turned out that it was true, and it was going to get worse.
I hope that people learn from this accident. We need to respect our idols and their time more. There is so much more to life than schedules, and expecting groups to drive through rain at all hours of the night with no sleep in questionable vehicles, just to make sure they’re getting to the next schedule… it’s not worth it. I don’t want any group to think that their events, or their shows are THAT important that they need to take those risks.
I also really hope that, when the law comes into effect in 2015, people in South Korea begin to take the seat belt laws seriously. Seat belts could have saved lives that night. Many might not realize that wearing a seat belt is NOT the law currently in Korea, so we have to hope that people begin to see that road safety is important.
Lastly, please take a moment to tweet or message your idol a (respectful) message just to tell them that they’re important to you. Because maybe it will remind them to buckle up, or not text and drive, or just be more careful. Who knows.
This is Ladies Code last performance, the one they were driving home from.


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