Summer might be coming close to the end, but these dramas will still be here. Welcome in the Fall with these new titles to keep you warm just a bit longer.

Upcoming September KDramas


The Spring Day of My Life (생애봄날)


The Spring Day of My Life (내 생애 봄날)
The Spring Day of My Life (내 생애 봄날)
Network: MBC
Air Date: September, 2014
Air Time: Wednesday/Thursday; 8:55PM
Main Cast: Kam Woo-Sung, Sooyoung, Lee Joon Hyuk, Jang Shin Young
Episodes: 20
Starring Girl’s Generation, Sooyoung, The Spring Day of My Life tells the story of a woman whose heart is not her own. Lee Bom Yi (Sooyoung) undergoes a heart transplant after finding herself with a donor. In return, she tries to live her life to the fullest as a way of thanking the donor for the new life she has. However, one day Lee Bom Yi meets Kang Dong Ha, a recently widowed man with two children. To Kang Dong Ha, Lee Bom Yi unnervingly shares similar traits with his late wife. What he doesn’t know is that they share more than just similar personalities, but the same heart as well.
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Ironman (아이언맨)

아이언맨 "Iron Man"
Iron Man (아이언맨)
Network: KBS
Air Date: September 2014
Air Time: Wednesday/Thursday; 8:55PM
Main Cast: Lee Dong Wook, Shin Se Kyung 
Episodes: 20
In a Korean drama meets X-Men supernatural mix, Ironman centers around the hero who has the ability to sprout knives from his body. Growing up as a smart wealthy man, the protagonist one day develops this prickly skill when he faces hardship and challenges for the first time in his life. Along the way, he discovers love and maturity, growing into a real man.
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Secret Door (비밀의)

Secret Door (비밀의문)
 Network: SBS
Air Date: September, 2014
Air Time: Monday/Tuesday; 8:55PM
Main Cast:Han Suk Kyu, Lee Je Hoon, Kim Yoo JungPark Eun Bin
Episodes: 24
A saeguk drama centered around real historical intrigue, Secret Door indulges in the mystery of Crown Prince Sado’s death during the 52 year reign of Yeonjo. History says that King Yeonjo’s son Crown Prince Sado was mentally unstable, taken to fits of violence and sexual assault. Despite his father’s attempt to reform his son, Sado was ultimately ordered to commit suicide, suffocating inside of a rice box. While history paints Sado as crazy and a man without honor, could the real tale of conflict between father and son been more of a political nature? A fight for power?
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