If you are a die hard fan of any group, and your funds do not allow you to fly overseas at the drop of a hat, a concert could be the worst time of your life as a K-Pop fan. The goods are always fun and unique. If the concert is in Japan, this pain seems to be even worse, because the sheer amount of goods, and the amazingness of them quadruples. Getting your hands on these goods can feel impossible, because you simple have to… be in line. Which you are not.
Thankfully, some of these companies are beginning to realize there are lots who will buy goods, both domestically and internationally, and are taking the opportunity to put their goods online. YG put a lot of their concert goods online, and some Japanese agencies, like Avex, have online shops.
Today, we’re going to have a look at the ongoing U-Kiss Japan Summer tour 2014. The goods for this concert range from the standard concert fare for Japan, and then include one or two unique pieces that any Kiss Me would die for. Problem is, how do you get it?

Option One: Yes Asia

YesAsia have actually put up most of the goods from the tour on their shop, and are available to order now. The biggest perk with YesAsia is the free shipping option, which is very easy to qualify for if you buy more than one item.
If you’re interested in ordering U-Kiss goods from YesAsia, we would love it if you used the links from our site, because it goes towards supporting K-Soul Magazine. And we would love you a lot for that!

 U-Kiss Miniature Stage Kit

The set looks like it’s made out of a plastic if you look at its set up, so it’s more than just some cardboard cutout! Act out your favourite songs in two dimensional wonder! US and Canada link Global Link


U-Kiss Playing Cards

Lets be fair, if you’re buying these goods, you’ve probably spent most your savings to begin with. Might as well enjoy looking at the cards as you gamble away the rest. 😉 US and Canada site Global Site

U-Kiss Pouch

So you have something to put all your important fandom things in. US and Canada site Global Site


U-Kiss Glass

Woah, somebody get me a me a glass, because this group is a tall drink of water. [/bad pickup lines] US and Canada link Global link


U-Kiss Ice Tray

Because you need ice to go in that glass. Or, it can make chocolates. US and Canada Site Global Site

U-Kiss Tour Teeshirt

Admit it, these shirts are SUPER CUTE and you’d all like one. US and Canada Site – Small / Medium / Large Global Site – Small / Medium / Large

U-Kiss Temporary Tattoo

Everything about these are amazing. US and Canada Site Global Site

U-Kiss Sports Towel

The only respectable way for a Kiss Me to go to the beach or gym. US or Canada Site Global Site

U-Kiss Muffler Towel

While we might not use these much in North America, they’re amazingly useful for keeping the sun off your neck. Or, as I used them for, keeping my throat warm when I’d get sick in the winter and I had to sleep!! US or Canada site Global site


U-Kiss Phone Strap

Biggest, baddest, most subtle way to show your fandom pride you’ve ever seen, right on your phone. Also can go on your bag! US and Canada Site Global Site

U-Kiss Jumbo Fan

Be the ultimate fan by actually having a fan of the person you’re a fan of! IT’S GENIUS! US and Canada Site – Soohyun / Kiseop / Eli / Hoon / Kevin / Jun Global Site – Soohyun / Kiseop / Eli / Hoon / Kevin / Jun

If you are a really avid fan, you will notice that not all of the goods are available on YesAsia site. The light stick, tote bag, hair bands, and and hat are not on the site, probably due to knowing they will not be able to meet the demand. However, if you are absolutely determined to get those pieces, there is an alternative way to try and get them:

Option 2: Direct From Avex Mu-Mo

Avex have recently opened up an English language shopping site that does ship overseas, through the site Tenso. Their stock is limited compared to the domestic shopping, and so you might not be able to get all of the items. Right now, it seems that YesAsia are ordering through this service, as the items they don’t have are marked as sold out on the site. However, go from sold out to available again as each concert ends, so it’s worth to keep an eye on the site if you are really wanting to get a particular item.
Avex MuMo Overseas shopping: U-Kiss search

Option 3: Find Someone Overseas

If you can’t find it through either of these sites, you still have a few shows to try and get in contact with people who might go to the show and be able to pick items up for you! That involves searching a lot of fan communities and knowing the right people. Honestly, if that option hasn’t come up before, we suggest just going with YesAsia, because the shipping is cheaper and they’re a site most of us are very familiar with.

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