Rolling into the month of August, the new drama releases are far from stopping. Rather, August seems to be the go to month for the debut of new dramas. tvN tops our list with four out of seven of this August’s releases.

August K-Dramas


August K-Drama
Mama (??-?? ??? ? ??)

Mama – Not Afraid of Anything in the World

 Network: MBC
Air Date: August 2, 2014
Air Time: Saturday/Sunday; 9:55PM
Main Cast: Song Yoon Ah, Jung Joon Ho, Moon Jung Hee, Hong Jung Hyun,
Episodes: to be determined
Han Sung Hee (Song Yoon Ah) is single mother who discovers she has a terminal illness. She becomes worried for her welfare of her son after she leaves this Earth and goes to seek out her ex-boyfriend. She hopes to create a family for her son before she is gone.
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August K-Drama
The Mermaid (????)

The Mermaid (????)

 Network: tvN
Air Date: August 7, 2014
Air Time: Thursday; 11:00PM
Main Cast: Ohn Joo Wan, Jo Bo Ah, Song Jae Rim, Kim Seul Gi
Episodes: to be confirmed
In a retelling of the classic, The Little Mermaid, Ha Ni is a mermaid becomes a human for the man she is in loves. She lives at the Ingyeo House, a resident for young professionals in their first jobs. While navigating life as human, she has 100 days to make her man love her back.


August K-Drama
Reset (??)

Reset  (??)

Network: OCN
Air Date: August 10, 2014
Air Time: Sunday; 11:00PM
Main Cast: Chun Jung Myung, Kim So Hyun, Shin Eun Jung, Song Ha Yoon
Episodes: 10
In this thriller, Prosecutor Cha Woo Jin (Chun Jung Myung) has devoted his life to violent crime cases after losing his first love, Seung Hee (Kim So Hyun), to a similar situation. While pursuing a the criminal who murdered his first love, Cha Woo Jin comes across Jo Eun Bi (Kim So Hyun) who bares an remarkable resemblance to the late Seung Hee. Their meeting reveals secrets and unleashes a chain of events between Cha Woo Jin, Seung Hee, Jo Eun Bi, and the criminal.


The Three Musketeers (???)
The Three Musketeers (???)

The Three Musketeers (???)

 Network: tvN
Air Date: August 17, 2014
Air Time: Sunday; 9:55PM
Main Cast: Lee Jin Wook, Jung Yoon Hwa (CN Blue), Yang Dong GeunSeo Hyun Jin
Episodes: 12
Based loosely on the novel by Alexandre Dumas, The Three Musketeers, is a saeguk drama set in the Joseon. The drama follows Crown Prince So Hyeon, (Lee Jin Wook) and his three fellow adventurers, Heo Seung Po (Yang Dong Geun), Park Dal Hyang (Jung how to order levitra Yoon Hwa), and Ahn Min Seo (Jung Hae In), as travel through China serving the Crown Prince.

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Finding True Love (??? ??)
Finding True Love (??? ??) (Note: No official drama poster has been released – above are drama stills from shooting.)

Finding True Love (?????)

Network: KBS
Air Date: August 18, 2014
Air Time: Monday/Tuesday; 10:00PM
Main Cast: Eric Moon, Sung Joon, Jung Yoo Mi, Yoon Jin Lee
Episodes: 16
Written by Jung Hyun Jung (I Need Romance 1-3), Finding True Love reunites Eric Moon and Jung Yoo Mi together for another romantic comedy. Han Yeo Reum (Jung Yoo Mi) is trying to find the meaning when her first love, Kang Tae Ha (Eric Moon), reappears in her life. She finds herself in the love triangle between her past and her present boyfriend (Sung Joon).


My Secret Hotel (?? ??? ?? )
My Secret Hotel (?? ??? ?? )

My Secret Hotel (???????)

Network: tvN
Air Date: August 18, 2014
Air Time: Monday/Tuesday; 11:00PM
Main Cast: Nam Goong Min, Yoo In Na, Lee Young Eun, Choi Jung Won
Episodes: 16
Sang Hyo (Yoo In Na) is the wedding manager at a luxury hotel. Despite having to believe in love and marriage for her job, Sang Hyo is actually cynical about love after her own failed marriage seven years before. Unfortunately, she is reunited with her ex-husband while in the midst of a hotel mystery

Plus Nine Boys (??? ??)

Plus Nine Boys (?????)

Network: tvN
Air Date: August 28, 2014
Air Time: Friday/Saturday; 8:50PM
Main Cast: Oh Jung Se, Kim Yong Kwang, Yook Sung Jae, Choi Ro Woon
Episodes: 16
Playing on the Korean belief that anything plus nine is cursed, bringing bad luck and hardship, Plus Nine Boys follows four boys in their ninth year of different decades in their lives. Gu Gwang Soo (Oh Jung Se) is 39 years old and trying to figure life out after his sudden plummet from the height of his career as a live music program producer. Kang Jin Gu (Kim Young Kwang) is a smooth 29-year-old travel agent for a large vacation agency. Use to being carefree, he suddenly comes to reevaluate his entire life and his future. 19-year-old Kang Min Gu (Yook Sung Jae) is a high school senior and judo athlete. He dreams of attending university on a judo scholarship, but gets distracted by the districts most sought after girl. Youngest of the quartet, 9 year old Kang Dong Gu is a famous child actor who suddenly feels threatened when he loses a job to a new rival child actor.

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