Dongho DJ Justin
Dongho shows off his set on his facebook page
Ever since Dongho’s departure from U-Kiss back in October 2013, news on him has been sparse and in between, just the way he intended it seems. Back in March, Dongho revealed through his official twitter that he had made a Facebook page for himself so that fans could keep up with him when he did post, though posts have been quiet. Much like any Facebook page, it was a few photos of himself, and then photos of his dogs (so… a perfect Facebook page to follow.)
On Tuesday, July 29th though, Dongho posted a short update with the text “Guess who~?” and the following photo. Dongho’s English name is Justin, so it seems that he has taken up DJing!
Right now, we have no idea where he might be performing, and since there are a LOT of people who go by the name DJ Justin, it might be hard to narrow down the name. However, if you’re in South Korea and you see a DJ Justin on the line up in your favourite club, perhaps a stop by might be necessary to see if you can catch a glimpse of a previous member of U-Kiss!
Dongho, we hope you’re all doing well, and good luck with everything!

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