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NALANDA Korean Culture Festival
This week, we’ve been contacted by Cham Education & Culture to let you know about an event happening in Seoul on Saturday, September 20th, 2014. For anyone who is going to be starting a new school semester in South Korea, this should be a pretty interesting opportunity to get to experience South Korean culture.
Throughout the afternoon, there will be quizzes and games about Korean traditional culture. If you preregister, you will actually be given the quiz answers in advance, which can increase your chances to win one of the prizes (which can reach up to 1,000,000 won / about $1000 USD). Other prizes include tablets and travel tickets and vouchers!
The games that will be played are meant to help foreigners learn about Korean traditional games. With Chuseok having been the week before (Chuseok falls from September 7-10th 2014), it will be the perfect season to get to know these older traditions of Korean culture. There will also be craft booths to get to learn about different traditional crafts and arts.
The closing of the festival will be a “Unity Celebration”, where the audience will get to watch different dance performances, as well as listen to traditional instruments. Korean music is very different to the music of North America and Europe, so getting to hear the instruments played by professionals is always a treat.
The festival will take place at Dong Guk University, Manhae Square, and begins at noon. The best way to get there is using Subway line #3, and get off at Dongguk University station.
If you would like to register in advance for the competitions, you have until September 3rd! You can check out the official website (or just download the application direct from this link) and email it to cham @
You can check out CHAM Education and Culture on Facebook. If you’re planning on going, you should go give them an RSVP on their festival event as well!

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