Summer dramas have turned up the heat of long summer nights, but what will keep us warm come Fall? We’re kicking off the start of the Fall/Winter drama season with the upcoming July k-dramas. Here are a few new dramas to keep the summer sizzle going for just a bit longer:

July K-Dramas

 Cheongdamdong Scandal (청담동스캔들)

July K-Dramas
Cheongdamdong Scandal (청담동 스캔들)
Network: SBS
Air Date: July 21, 2014
Air Time: Monday – Friday; 8:30AM
Main Cast: Choi Jung Yoo, Lee Joong Moon, Seo Eun Chae, Im Sung Un
Episodes: 120 (to be confirmed)
Produced by Jung Hyo (Your Lady, My Love, Tears of Diamond), the story, written by Kim Ji Eun (Dear You, Innocent You, Let’s Marry), follows the lives of the wealthy residents of Cheongdamdong. When a scandal of epic proportions comes to the lives of those running in high circles, they learn that living in the lap of luxury doesn’t come cheap.


It’s Alright, That’s Love (괜찮아, 사랑이야)

July K-Dramas
It’s Alright, It’s Love (괜찮아, 사랑이야)
Network: SBS
Air Date: July 23, 2014
Air Time: Wednesday/Thursday; 9:55PM
Main Cast: Jo In Sung , Gong Hyo Jin, Sung Dong Il, Yoon Jin Yi, Lee Kwang Soo
Episodes: 20
It’s Alright, It’s Love attempts to break the mold by being the first Korean psychiatric drama. The story centers on mystery writer and radio DJ, Jang Jae Yul (Jo In Sung), a seductive playboy in his early 30s with a flair of OCD. Trying to deal with his eccentricities, Jae Yul is put in the care of Ji Hae Soo (Gong Hyo Jin) a first year psychiatric fellow. Between Jae Yul’s OCD and Hae Soo’s failure at becoming a surgeon, the two realize how much healing they actually need from each other. The drama attempts to answer the question, “We worry about cancer, our heart, and diabetes, but how often do we worry about our minds?”
Along with its star-studded cast, the drama will also feature the acting debut of EXO/EXO-K member, D.O as Han Kang Woo, a high school student who wants to following the footsteps of Jang Jae Yul.

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The Night Watchman (야경꾼일지)


(Note: No official drama poster has been released – above are official picture of the confirmed main cast members)
(Note: No official drama poster has been released – above are official picture of the confirmed main cast members
Network: MBC
Air Date: July 28, 2014
Air Time: Monday/Tuesday; 9:55PM
Main Cast: Jung Il Woo, Ko Sung Hee, “U-Know” Yunho, Seo Ye Ji
Episodes: 20 (to be confirmed)
 The fun and quirky fantasy/saeguk (historical) drama center around four bodyguards in the palace night watch whose mission is to protect the king. Lee Rin (Jung Il Woo) is known as the “ghost-exorcising prince” who has the ability to see ghosts, a trait he inherited from his father, a night watchmen and king before him. He and his three companion watchmen patrol the palace after hours (9PM-5AM) catching off ghosts and other beings that go “bump” in the night. Along the way, they’ll be inevitably cast into the presence of a lady who will turn the foursome upside.
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Written by: Ting Ting Lu

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