Back at the beginning of June, U-Kiss held a press conference for their new single, Mono Scandal. The press conference was also a great way to introduce the newest member of U-Kiss, Jun, to the press and to the fans.
U-Kiss and NH Media came in seeming very aware of the media frenzy that might be coming with their provocative video and dance. The press release emailed out to go along with the conference was highlighting that the video had already been given a 19+ status and was banned from certain stations. Make no mistake, NH Media were aiming for controversial when they made this concept, from the looks of this press conference.
U-Kiss opened the press conference by performing the very sad side track on “Mono Scandal”, “다시 내게로 와줘 (Come Back To Me)” Standing together on the stage with just their vocals to support them, U-Kiss impressed the media with their vocals as they sung about a lost love they wished would return. They then quickly went into the next song, the title track “끼부리지마 (Quit Playing)” a sexy song about falling for a woman’s seductive charms. As the video and dance and every article about this song has said before, the performance is a major break from U-Kiss’ previous stuff, even a larger step up from when they first began to bring female dancers in in “Stop Girl”. U-Kiss are definitely setting themselves up as a more grown up group. While they might have been telling their fans they were “not young” years ago, they’re proving it now.
Through the press conference, U-Kiss answered questions about how it was to film the music video (awkward) and how Jun was doing with the group (well). For the most part though, the press conference was quick. We do have some great photos for you though from the U-Kiss Mono Scandal Press Conference!

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