If you’re a fan of many artists in K-Pop, this June is going to be a whirlwind of new releases and a bit painful on the wallet. On June 2nd, there were a couple big releases, most notably Taeyang’s much anticipated single, “?, ?, ? (Eyes, Nose, Lips)” The smooth sounding R&B track has been making waves all around the world, from the looks of today’s iTunes album rankings.

Fans all over the world have been buying the album, and it can be seen through iTunes, with Taeyang sitting at #1 in the R&B charts in the US, and him ranking within the top 20 in at least 10 countries at the moment, including the US, Canada, Equador, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong and more.
The title track definitely highlights Taeyang’s vocal strengths, with just a piano and the occasional strings playing as backing. The song is a complete 180º to his previous release, “RingaLinga”, though he still generic levitra makes sure to show off the body he is equally as famous for.
The Korean audiences agree with the international fans, with “Eyes, Nose, Lips” staying in the top 5 on major streaming sites like MelOn, Bugs, and Soribada. Of course, with these kinds of rankings, VIPs should be able to rest easy with their iTunes purchase because they know the Korean fans are able to stream in Korea.
As fantastic as it is that so many fans are using iTunes to buy their music instead of downloading illegally, we would like to remind people that iTunes does not contribute to the download charts in Korea. If you are concerned with making sure your purchases are reflected in the charts, please check out our page, How To Be an Effective Fan From Overseas.
If you’re wanting to get the physical album, you can preorder it now from YesAsia. A deluxe edition can be found on the YG eShop

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