AnimeNorth is one of the largest fan run anime conventions in North America. It has been running since 1997, and has grown to massive proportions in Toronto, Ontario. With a dealers room, masquerade, and dances each night, there’s lots there for every kind of fan.
You may be wondering why an anime convention is making it onto a Hallyu news website, but it turns out that AnimeNorth has slowly been building up programming for their K-Pop goers over the past couple of years, and this year will have great events for all three days of the convention!

Friday, May 23rd

On Friday, we hit the ground running with the Kigurumi K-Pop dance! This dance has a dresscode, where everyone will be required to wear a kigurumi, otherwise known as those very cute animal one piece pyjama costumes that are popular in Korea and Japan. If you don’t have a kigurumi, there should be many available in both the Dealers Room and the  Nominochi (flea market). We’ve heard from an insider that if you hit the Nominochi early on Friday, you’ll be able to get some amazing deals on kigurumi, and will be able to get into the dance no problem.
There’s going to be a social media booth where people can tweet and instagram photos of themselves. Make sure you’re using the right hashtags through the evening, and you’ll be entered for some great prizes! Even K-Soul is going to be there with a giveaway or two, so make sure you check us out and see our display! (Here’s a hint! Make sure you’re following us on Facebook and Twitter to qualify for our giveaways!)
The Kigurumi dance is being sponsored by Kawaii Kigu and they also will be running giveaways through the evening. Kawaii Kigu know that people come in different sizes, and so make sure their kigurumis run in different sizes as well! AS well, they have over 100+ styles, so there should be loads to choose from. They ship internationally, so keep a watch on K-Soul in the coming days, because there might be a discount code coming up soon!
Friday is not sold out yet, so people who have not intended to go to Anime North are still able to get a day pass on the day of for $35CND. With this, you will have access to all of the events happening on Friday, including all panels, games, competitions, the dealers room, and other great perks. The concert runs from 8-10.

Saturday, May 24th

Saturday is an early start for k-poppers at Anime North. At 10am, the panel Introduction to K-Pop will help introduce new fans of k-pop to the wild, crazy, sparkling world of Korean music. If you are a new fan, or you’re wanting to encourage your friends to get further into the black hole of fandom, this could very easily be their gateway drug panel. This panel will take place at the International Plaza Hotel.
K-Pop fans will then need to run across the road over to the Toronto Congress Centre to get into the “United By KPop!” game happening at 11:30. At the moment, there are no details regarding how this game will be run, however, we do know it’s a k-pop game show, so that should be fun.
The rest of the day you can use to look around the dealers rooms, hunting for those k-pop CDs you’ve always wanted, or a poster you never knew you needed. However, if you are not already registered, it is too late, because Saturday is completely sold out through pre-registration, and nobody will be taken at the door. Sorry about that!

Sunday, May 25th

*whispers* SHINee’s back!
K-Pop AnimeNorth
SHINee World Canada take over on Sunday, with two panels from 2-4pm!
The first one, SHINee World Canada, is going to be teaching fans the different dances from SHINee videos. Also, for SHINee’s 6th aniversary, Shawol Canada will be running a Colourful event, where they’ll be teaching people the dance and making a fan video for the group to the new songs. There will be prizes to win, people to meet, and fun to be had.
The second panel is “So You Think You Can SHINee”, a quiz game where SHINee fans (and all other k-pop fans) can test their knowledge on k-pop and SHINee for some great prizes. Both of these panels will take place in the Ottawa room in the International Plaza Hotel.
For those who haven’t signed up for weekend passes, you are in luck because Sunday hasn’t filled up either. The Sunday panel schedule is really good as well in the morning, with information for people who are into costuming or are freelance artists. It’s not just anime happening at AnimeNorth!
K-Soul is going to be at all of these events, so make sure you’re looking out for us! We’ll be taking photos, promoting the site, and getting to meet all you lovely people, so please come and say hi!

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