AJ U-Kiss Columbia University
AJ from U-Kiss in front of Butler Library at Columbia University
According to NH Media, U-Kiss member AJ will be staying another semester at the Ivy League Columbia University for another semester.
While he was originally intended to return after the spring semester, there scheduling concerns at school, and AJ will have to stay another semester. In the mean time, U-KIss will have to continue their promotions in South Korea and Japan without AJ until further notice. There was no announcement on the U-Kiss cafe on when AJ would be returning, but would be either in July or August, depending on his schooling.
While we all miss AJ dearly, education is very important, and we continue to support and encourage AJ in his post-secondary education! Good luck this summer!

Hello, this is NH Media
Thank you for always supporting U-Kiss.
Currently, U-Kiss are preparing for their Korean comeback. Please continue to check the bulletin board for information.
Today, we’d like to update you on AJ’s  activities regarding the upcoming comeback.
Last January, AJ went to the United States to study. He was expected to return for the Korean comeback after this semester. However, due to his school schedule, AJ has to stay at university for another semester to continue studying full time.
Because of this, AJ will not be able to take part in the upcoming album and taking part in activities. We know that you have been looking forward to AJ’s return, and have been waiting patiently, so we are really sorry for this situation.
AJ is currently studying hard, and is also working hard on his music. Unfortunately, he will not be able to participate with this promotion, but we hope he will be able to join us soon!
Thank you.

What do you think about AJ having to take another semester for school? Do you think more idols should be taking the time to take post-secondary education seriously like AJ has? Do you like knowing if your idols are enrolled in university programs? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments!
Source (Daum Cafe Post)

 Edit (May 14th, 11pm)

There may be more to U-Kiss’ lineup change than just AJ staying in New York for a while longer! Naver News has posted an article about a potential new member joining U-Kiss for their upcoming promotions! After a image was released on Instagram with a mysterious 6th male, U-Kiss fans were all atwitter on twitter, wondering who he could possibly be. What are your thoughts?

Who is this mysterious new person?
Who is this mysterious new person?

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  1. I believe that education is the most important and he should finish their studies without either haste or pressure undoubtedly return better prepared and ready to give all her followers and his group…
    AJ goes ahead, that those who love you will always be waiting … study hard and eat well 😀

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