SM Entertainment are doing their global audition tour for 2014, but did you know there are other ways to audition for SM Entertainment, even if you live in North America?

? Let me be your ruler / You can call me Queen B ? SMTown Audition
The Royal Family of K-Pop, SM Entertainment ? Let me be your ruler / You can call me Queen B ?
SM Entertainment is by far the largest and most powerful of the agencies in South Korea, if not Asia when it comes to Korean music. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get through their trainee system, but if you can make it through, success is almost for certain. If you’ve decided that the trainee system is the way you want to get into K-Pop, then make sure you try out for the SM auditions.
Exo SM Audition

Global Auditions

Global auditions take place at least once a year. The company pack up and tour their recruitment team and go to cities where they normally aren’t located. The 2014 locations are currently as follows:
April 24th: Vancouver
April 27th: Toronto
April 29th: New York
May 4th: Los Angeles
(Indonesia, China, Japan and Thailand were visited earlier in the year)
Of course, this is not truly a “global” audition, however we don’t know if there are any plans in the future for SM to visit Europe or Australia. To keep an eye on all future global audition dates, you can check their Facebook page.
To audition for these date specific locations, you need to register on the SMTown can you buy viagra online website at least 24 hours before the audition date on the SMTown website. You can apply through the website, through the Everysing App, or by email. Check the website for more information. You will only get confirmation that your audition is happening if they email you the location and time of your audition.

Girls' Generation
Girls’ Generation

Weekly / Monthly Auditions

If you are not able to go to the global audition, but really want to audition in person, there are some locations that do auditions regularly.
If you are in Seoul at the time, you can take part in the weekly auditions. These have recently moved to the Coex (511 Yeongdongdae Street Coex Artium 5th floor, Gangnamgu, Seoul) and take place every Saturday at 2pm until 4pm. Walk in registration begins at 1:30. 
If you are in Los Angeles, there are monthly auditions that take place. These auditions take place every third Saturday of the month from 2pm until 5pm They take place at 4322 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 300 Los Angeles, CA 90010. For more information about these auditions, you can contact SMTown’s US audition group here: [email protected]
If you are in Tokyo, there are monthly auditions here as well. These also happen on the third Saturday of the month. Registration is required for these auditions. You can register via email, or through Youtube. For details on how to register for these auditions, please check the SMTown website (in Japanese and Korean only)


Mail In Audition

If getting to any of these venues is not in your future, and you are ready to audition right now, then there is an opportunity to mail in your audition through either email or the actual mail.
First, you’ll need to download the application form from the website (check here for the link)
If you choose to email your audition, you would have to attach all the files needed by email and send the email to [email protected]
If you choose to mail your audition, you’ll need to print all the documents needed, and save the files onto a disk or USB file and mail them to one of the addresses below:

S.M. Entertainment Korea
<Artist Planning and Development Team>
Gang Nam P.O.Box, 1952,
Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea 135-619

United States
Audition S.M. Entertainment USA 4
322 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 300
Los Angeles,
CA 90010



How do I prepare for a SMTown Audition?

First and foremost, there is the all important question of “Who are these companies looking for?” While it would be nice to think that everyone has a fair chance in these auditions, it goes without saying that if you are not of Asian descent, the odds are not in your favour. To sing Korean in Korea, the general public will want someone who at least looks like they’re from the area. Not to say you shouldn’t try, but do know that the Korean market is not really open to many other ethnicities, so that will be huge on SM’s minds.
That being said, Japan and China are huge markets for SMTown, and they happily sell to those markets (Super Junior-M, Exo-M, etc etc) so if you have ties to those cultures, it will be an advantage.
There are six different categories that SMTown are auditioning for: singers, dancers, actors, comedians, models, and writers. If you want to apply for any of these positons, you will need to prepare the following:

Singer Singing without MR & microphone (both cover and original songs are permitted)
Dancer Freestyle dancing
Film Actor, TV Actor Impromptu action, memorized monologue to be prepared by applicant
Comedian MC/ VJ Any kind of comedy routine, miming act for mimes prepared by applicant
Model (Fashion, CF) Free Posing
Songwriter / Lyricist Demo CD or Written music score to be prepared by the applicant

Of course, you should make sure you double check all your information with the SMTown website before sending in anything, as auditions can change without notice. Information on the site can be found in Korean, Japanese, English and Chinese.
If any of you have auditioned with SMTown before, let us know what the experience was like! If you’re going to audition soon, good luck! We wish you all the best!
Note: K-Soul is not affiliated with SM Entertainment. We do not run auditions, or have anything to do with the casting. Emails regarding SM Auditions will not receive a reply. Thank you. 

  1. I would like to have a one try. I don’t believe in myself.. Sing without mic, I think I can do that but how can I sent the video? I haven’t any account expect that.

    1. Hi everyone am dalel am 13 years old am from algeria . I just can’t belive in myself i know that this comment can’t do anything to me i send many comment but there is nothing but i keep send and send because i know that am great singer and i want to be kpop singer . When you love somthing you do anything to find it . And i love korea and kpop and SM .am crying now because i know that this a dream can’t come truth . And am muslim i really konw that sm don’t like muslim and they gona say you are diffrent i know everything i just want to say please please helpe me . i don’t have money to go to korea :'( :'( :'(
      From dalel
      Love you all

      1. Don’t worry too much, I want to try too and I’m from Nigeria. Even if your from another ethnicity and religion it won’t hurt to try. You have to have faith in yourself. As long as your a good singer and know a good amountof Korean then you have a 50% chance of making it. Just think positively about thing and this might just work out. Look at Michelle lee. She doesn’t look like a native Korean and she still made it as an idol. Think positively.

        1. Don’t worry! This all might seem racist, but I’m sure sm would like some real talented ones. They only do this to make k pop seem more k pop and k pop is a type of Asian music… So I’d probably find a way to make the talent seem presentable and go for it

    2. If you don’t believe in yourself then no one will my dear. You really have to believe in yourself and fight low self-esteem if you really have it then, go for what you want.

  2. i wish to try. but m from india and people see indians as dark people. but there r true mongoloids or pure asian faces in its northeastern parts. m from those race. before trying out m fed up with the thought that people see me among the darks since i belong to india.hope people r fully aware of it in future

    1. It’s a really unfortunate thing, but at the same time, it’s something that happens in many countries. There are very few musical artists in North America who get constant air time who aren’t either black or white. Other cultures are starting to make an impact, but it’s slow happening. The same in Korea. The country is 98% Korean and then of that other 2%, many of those foreign cultures are other Asians. It will take a while for them to open up to others on their stage, but it is happening slowly.
      Personally, I’m of the opinion that if you love a style of music, like k-pop, but know you couldn’t do it as a profession in Korea… Why not adapt the style to your own country? There are SO many people on this planet, if you just do your thing, and you cater to the people in your own area and bring them something they might not get normally, you can begin to change music yourself. And who knows, if k-pop is your goal, and you start doing K-Pop in India, you could start getting agencies to pay attention and they might begin to bring concerts and notice everyone. 🙂

    1. Well, you’ll need to first register on the SMTown website. They have the site in English, so you can follow their instructions there. Then, follow their instructions on how to audition during their monthly auditions or mail in your audition.

    1. Unfortunately, we’re not a music agency, so you’ll need to interview and audition with the companies. This is just a guide for those who want to attend the auditions.

  3. I want to become a kpop someday. I can sing&dance. Ilove to compose english song, and can act. Im a muse since elementary and now im highschool student. Im goodlooking. I wish that you are visit in Philippines.


  4. im a filipino,14 yrs, old. i dont have enough money so i decided to do the email auditions. speaking of it, my friends said that im really good at rapping and dancing (and i cant believe it) but i have a little talent when it comes to singing. so for my audition, can i just do the rap (yoon mirae’s black happiness, 2nd verse) and dance in an english song? im not that pretty but not that ugly, and im just doing the email auditions, do you think i can pass?

    1. Honestly, I can’t make that call. I think if you did it with confidence, you have as good a chance as any. I’ve heard that there are people from all over Asia in the training program in SM, so I think you could have a chance. But I don’t know what they look for, personally.

  5. I would love to be a singer and I dont think I will do good with a mic and I live in minnestoa so yea I wish that smtown will come to minnestoa. And by the way um am hmong so yea I wish that I will be able to become a k-pop star even though I dont think that is going to happen but I am going to beliven in my dream.

  6. I live in New Zealand, but I’m originally from the Philippines with Chinese blood as well. I’m currently 15 right now and I would like to audition but I’m worried about the process of having a private audition seeing as I’m halfway across the world and my family is no shape to suddenly fly me to Korea, and if I do get in, where would I stay and how would I be able to live there without no family help? People say I look Chinese but I’m afraid because there aren’t that many idols are don’t look Korean…

    1. I would say it’s the same as a really good job. If you’re good enough that they actually want to sign you, they would offer to get you to Korea. There are those idols that have gone to Korea first and then auditioned in Korea, but the dawn of international auditions have made it so they would probably be more willing to bring someone over if they felt it was worth it. As for being able to live there without help, that is part of the reason the dorm system exists: so people coming in, even from outside the city of Seoul, can stay close and train.
      However, really, you’re counting chickens before they hatch. The first thing you would need to do it audition, and hear back from them. If/when you hear back from that, the rest would find a way of making itself happen if it’s meant to be.

      1. Would they not accept dance covers? Does it have to be freestyle and can we sing in any language and submit more than one song?

  7. hi my name is Clarence Marcos.i had a question,can a filipino audition in sm entertament because im a filipino and maybe if there was a opportunity i want to be a member of sm entertament family 🙂

    1. Yes, they can audition. It’s going to be up to SM to decide after that. I know that there are trainees from all over Asia at the moment, so there are lots of opportunities, so long as you have exactly what they’re looking for.

  8. annyeong hesayo I’m 13 year old,i want a mail audition because i cant go to korea for audition my ambition is to be a kpopstar it’s not for it’s for my family and i want to help children that have no food to eat and not a complete family I’m thankful because god gave me in a perfect family but when i go out side i see many children, everywhere i want to incarage them to help their live but they don’t listen to me so i decide to audition in smtown many people now me who I’m, i hope you read this rote.

  9. HYE pLEAS heLp me i live in the meddle east and i was born in 1999 i have no chance to go for korea as soon so i decided to do an emaile audition but i dont really now ho to it please help me and thanks before 🙂

  10. well i live in Ethiopia and i am confident about my singing i am thirteen and i do look a bit Asian no actually a lot and i would love to be a trainee. i have always wanted to be a singer since i was 8 but what i am worried about is what to sing i can speak Korean and fluent English. what song should i choose??

  11. I’m extremely passionate about K-pop and I would love to audition however I’m not asian at all! I love to sing and dance and all but I live in Australia, is there really no chance for me to be a kpop idol?

    1. At what age is the requirements in auditioning
      …..can i still audition till 2017 and
      because i want to finish my studies and i want also to study how to speak in Korean..
      can you accept me i can sing and dance….

  12. Hi, I want to know that does SM entertainment still have their USA monthly audition in 2015? If yes, do you know is that still the same every third week is Saturday? I have been check their website, but didn’t update the date after 2014. Aren’t they not going to held the USA audition this year because of global audition?

    1. Our understand has been that the monthly auditions have happened at that time in LA for quite a while. You could always confirm at their email address, but since the global audition is not going to the US, I’m assuming it’s because they already do US auditions.

      1. hi i want to audition
        in dancing is it okay to copy the dance steps of the groups like snds or red velvet?
        and how can i audition online

      2. Hi, thanks for your reply! I’ve emailed them by the email address provided from the am official website. But still no reply till now. Should I ask some more detail? Or it need to write in specific format? So they still have their monthly audition based on your acknowledgement right?

        1. Hi Dear,
          I want to know how did you attached your audition video?
          Because when I sent email, I was unable to attach my video file (becos of Large File Size), after adding 2photos, 2audios. And then, I just entered my videos’ Youtube link in it.
          How was your video size?
          Did you include just dance or some talks?
          Please share your exps with us!

  13. Annyeonghaseyeo ksoulmag!i have a question’s…first…can i audition in 2017 cause i want to have studies first(even if im not gonna finish my highschool life here in the Philippines)…can I audition even if im Filipino?,what i mean is ,i know SM dont have a Global Audtion here in Philippines,so can i audition using email?…third…is it solo when im gonna audition? Or you can have a partner? (Cause my BestFriend like Kpop,so can we be partner in our video that were gonna do and send SM the video)?…fourth…i watched a video in youtube(SM audition in 2014)then i read the comments,(cuz someone is asking if she is accepted in the audition)and then she said in the “ROUND 1 Only”,my question is,is it by round?,or when you auditoned your accepted Immediately?…fifth…how long does it take to wait their answer(if were accepted or not?)…last sixth…what if were accepted in our audition,does SM will go to our house?…ksoulmag I’m sorry if i have a lot of questions cause i just want it to be clear so we can prepare if we can audition(cause we are here in Philippines)…please answer it so we can prepare in our audition….Kamsahamnida:))

    1. We don’t work for SM Entertainment, so we’re not entirely sure about the SM decisions. However, you should be able to audition still in 2017. You can audition no matter your background, and you can do their mailed auditions. Yes, there are different rounds of auditions, so you don’t get accepted immediately. But if you get accepted, you have to move to Korea.

    2. because SM Town’s criteria is 95% of the looks. if you think you’re pretty and white enough to be a Kpop star the go. why wont try Pinoy Big Brother or ABS CBN audition?

  14. Hello,
    I’m turkish and i’m 15 years old. I can sing and I think i’m pretty enough but there is a problem : im brunette. My friends say that i’m a little slant-eyed but not that much. I’m just scared to apply because of my appearance. What should I do ? I know I can do anything to become a singer but this problem is not about how much can i struggle…

  15. Im a 15 year old indian with some looks of korean girl (since i am a buddhist from ladakh region).Being good at acting i really want 2 give a try in korea though what matters me the most is the korean accent even though i take few korean lessons really trying hard to get into k pop.

  16. Thanks for the information. It’s helpful.
    So if i join the mail audition, i just have to send the needed file with my video and those kinda stuff to their email, isn’t it?
    So do you know how they contact us when we were chosen?
    Anyway, thanks again!

    1. Yeah, you just follow the instructions for what to send in the mail section, and they’ll contact you if you’re selected. I’m not sure how they contact you, but make sure they have all your contact info.

  17. Do they accept Filipina/ Filipinos there? Some says, No. I really need to know the answer, Because Im planning to audition next year.

  18. Hi, so glad you are able to answer us.
    I am from Myanmar n now Only ChinaII (as Home Page shows) left for 2015. I can’t afford for cost to go China n don’t know Mandarin that much (can speak a bit). I worried for that. Also one thing I am now over 21yrs old. I wondered if will they accept even I got qualified. I have confident on both singing n dancing. Various concerns make me worried .. I’m really worried if I get cut after I went China. My parents will ….. me!! Help me some advice before I made decision..

    1. I am thinking to apply it with email. But shall I choose nomal email audition or Global? What ‘s the differences. Oh, I left smth, I have kinda baby-face and short-height. Would u check my appearence at my website..? I will b saving money to go China ^^ Thanks

      1. Hi, I am going to apply to SM via email audition. (Not for Global nor Weekly) *bcos I saw on their website Individual Apply are allowed. ^_^
        I guess it’s better to send it in weekdays, right? rather than weekends. I have recorded for audio n dance clip. *my area is singing. There is one problem, when I change original mp4 video into wmv, my mouth n voice is not match. A little faster voice comes before mouth move. How to do? & before I make it, I want to know if u have any suggestion or advice.
        Oh & thanks for your blog. It was amazing!

        1. I think sending it in on a Monday or Tuesday would work best. Not sure about how SM work, but then they have 5 business days to look it over before it gets lost in backlog over the weekend. As for the video, I unfortunately don’t know what the problem would be. WMV is a terrible file format, so I can’t imagine why they would choose that option. :/
          Thanks for reading! Good luck!

          1. Hi, again!
            So I might have to wait ’till next week.
            I was thinking about it and one thing comes again! Photo! Is it okay if I take photo by my own, without going to Photo Studio. If my photo resolution/quality is not bad.

          2. I don’t want to say yes or no, BUT, do remember… You have one shot. If you can choose between doing something the best you can and doing it any other way, you definitely should do it the very best you can.

  19. hi im 13 y/o,and i feel like signing up for SM audition next year(missed it for dis yeear)lets say i take singing cat.,and passed the audition,and happens we need to go to korea if passed.What will happen to our education then?Do we not need to study?im only concerned on that.Other then that,it would be my learning korean for the sake of this so thx if u replied to this!

    1. They do have a school program, from my understanding, but priority is put on performance and languages. If you’re wanting a full education, the path of an idol might not fit with that. However, like I’ve said to many, all you can do is try, and if it comes to that stage, that’s when you should make the decision.

  20. i want to be a kpop but im a pilipino there is no available auditons in phillipines like du / there so many talented people in the phillipines and they didnt just give a little attention to it?

  21. Hi my name is dalel am 13 years old and my height is 169 and my weight is 47 i want to audition in SM me and my sister i really have a good voice. But the problem is that am from algeria and i can’t go to korea because i don’t have money .and am scared that SM don’t like algerian but i look like korean
    So can you please help me i want to know how to audition and how can i send video
    Please help me

    1. Hi, I also sent email to SM too. If smth happens, could u pls reply thos cmt? ^_^ For me, I immediately got email from [email protected] with wonderful contents (I discourage use of their email). I have no idea what it is mean. I have never sent email to them before. Now Im feeling awkward that I might not able to audition again.

  22. Hi, this is Este again, I sent email for audition. But as soon as I sent, there was an email back to my inbox: from [email protected]. I am so surprised n shocked bcos that mail content contain my email discourages use of …(their mail address)… and it shows “Failed”. I have never sent a mail to SM before. I have no idea why I’m having it. Coud u suggest something? I think now it’s been a month I sent mail which has no reply for confirmation of audition success! So if I am not selected, I wonder can I able to send another email for audition again. (Like .. whether they blocked my mail address).

    1. Usually, a postmaster email reply means that the inbox is full. Or that the email address no longer exists. I’m going to go with it being full. The comments usually tell you what the error was, if it was full or doesn’t work any more.

      1. 다음 받는 사람이나 그룹에 메시지를 배달하지 못했습니다:
        [email protected]
        현재 받는 사람의 사서함이 꽉 차서 메시지를 받을 수 없습니다. 나중에 이 메시지를 다시 보내거나 받는 사람에게 직접 문의하십시오.
        TRANSLATION (Translated by Google ^_^)
        The following message was not delivered to the recipient or group:
        [email protected]
        The current recipient’s mailbox is full and can not receive messages kicks. Send this message again later, or contact the recipient directly.
        Dear Rebecca,
        The above message is the contents of the email. So can I able to send with my email address again to them?, cos it seems like they didn’t get my email audition, right? I am just worried whether they blocked my email address. Could u please suggest when should I send my audition files again? I know this month, July ~ August would be their busy days because live auditions is now holding at China, isn’t it?
        P.S, when I sent my first email audition, I gave them my Youtube video link – instead attaching it in email, because of file size (I uploaded it on Youtube). Do you think it is okay?
        With Best Regards,

        1. Well, as it says right there, the inbox is full. They didn’t get your email. You’ll need to try again another time. I don’t know when would be best to send it. Perhaps later in the week, like a Thursday or so. That way, they might have cleaned up their inbox by then.

          1. Nothing to update on… lol. i sent in my email with my pictures and mp3 attached and nothings happened since then. i’ll keep waiting and update again when something actually happens

          2. Hi Rebecca, it’s me again.
            Well, I just want to tell to you because no one else to discuss about it. As the previous msg, postmaster’s mails return as soon as I sent my email to them (just a seconds later). <- So I do believe that their mailbox is full & can't accept ours.
            But yesterday at 1:00 PM, I sent audition mail again but no reply for postmaster so I thought they would received it as it was sent.
            But then when 10:10 PM, I got the same email from postmaster like previous emails – but why it takes so long to reply?
            If it is really full – shouldn't it reply as soon as I sent (like it happened before)
            I am so stressful why it is happening!!?
            & also
            If there is someone who can contact SM, pls tell them about things like this and to fix it, please T__T.

          3. Can I apply for online audition ?
            And will they select us even if we are brown skin tone .

  23. I want to become k.pop.But I haven’t money.I love korea so much.If I am 23,it is possible to become k.pop.Pleas reply my letter.

  24. I want to become k.pop idol.Now,I start to learn korea language.I am from Myanmar.I love korea so much.I really want to become k.pop idol.

  25. hello im 15from iran and wanna know thatif i auditionvia email will their accept me?and can you plz say how can i audition for smtown via email?

  26. hi my name is feryal. I’m practice for audition. but I want to know…where can I ask my questions for audtion?
    anyone know about that please tell me

  27. Plzzz reply… im from india n dis id really important for me n…. what do i do??? Plz reply me the email address for other countries (india) plzzzzz…

  28. hi im 18 year old girl from Iran and muslim i find myself as a Dancer and i dont know which site i should go to sign in .i just have a big problem i cant speak korean. does it take long time to learn it? can u help mee? i always dream about my wishes

  29. hello, i’m from sri lanka and i really want to become a member of kpop band because it is my dream. i can dance and sing. now i’m 19 years old. i’m curious to apply sm because i’m a sri lankan. do you think if i apply i will pass the audition. and i don’t no is there kpop members interview us? i can little english and japanese. please say me what you think about it… i’m really curious…. please help me….

  30. Hi everyone,I’m LikChing from Malaysia.I’m 14 years old.I like dancing and I really want to become A kpop korean artist.I like A rapper part and I can sing high note and rap.But A Big problem is I can’t speak Korea but just can speak A little Bit only.So I really really want to be A kpop artist.Although I am just an ordinary girl,but can u give me A change?I’m A Big fan for SNSD Yoona,because she pretty,kind and best in actress.I like hyoyeon unnie too because she A dancing queen and I like to see when she dancing.

  31. Hi
    I am Myanmarand 16 years old.
    I know,you are not work for SM.But I wanna to know about of SM audition.First question,
    I have to study Korea language before audition or after audition?
    And second is,
    If I have to go Seoul for audition?pls advice me.Thanks you alot.

  32. Hi , I am 15 years old , and I am from Iran ,My nationality is Canadian and Iranian . I can sing a little but my dance
    is very cool and nice . and my color is white . do you think I can go to Korea and audition it and pass it ? because I am from Iran and I don’t know are they can pick up me ?
    thanks if you reply me .
    Negar sepehri

  33. hello im mariel from philippines ,im 13 years old and i want to audition in sm entertainment. But no have audition in the philippines. I am asking if the audition is come here in the philippines, because i really really like to audition in sm, because i want to be a successfull kpop singer someday and i want to see my idols in sm like girls generation, exo, BoA, and specially from SNSD group Yoona and in exo-k group Sehun. Because i never seen all in personal, because im a poor girl and i want to know you that i am proud to korean people.. And i want my dreams come true somedaY. Because i want to help my family. friends, and my country . i really like to go in korea, but i dont have money to go in korea for audition, because im poor, but im happy, crazy, comedian girl in my family, because my family supporting me all the time. And i hope you appreciate my story in audition in sm, and i will climb my dreams. SOMEDAY MY DREAMS IS DONE AND I AM A SUCCESSFULL KPOP SINGER . at sana makatulong itong advice ninyo sa akin para maka audition sa sm at sana matupad ito lahat .. ang taas ng pangarap ko no..!! hehe pero carry lng yan .. kapit lang sabi ng tarsier hehee.. 🙂 😛 i love u all my fans hehhe… 🙂

  34. hey guys my name zee ok it’s the nickname I want to ask for their email and how they know they Achtaroni me nd i’m from AFRICA it’s okay yes so This was my questions to you and I wish everyone good luck…..Thankfully

  35. Hi, I have a question. If you’re auditioning as a singer, do you need to include a video clip of yourself dancing in an email audition?

  36. anneyounghaseyo! i am from India, but i believe that i have the voice to sing k pop and Hollywood songs….am not really white , but light brown.. but i am beautiful and i resemble Ariana grande in Hollywood…i can’t take the thing that how Sm is not going to select me just because am not white or am not from Korea… I just want to know that will SM accept me even though am Indian and dark…? I have a great singing voice… and i don’t want to make it go waste….and iam not at all interested in Bollywood genre of music ( that India makes )

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    comment. I do believe that you ought to publish more on this
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    people do not talk about such subjects. To the next! Kind regards!!

  38. hello ..I am from algeria i can sing and i write what steps i should take to get into SM TOWN and how to contact them

  39. i am seerat and i am 14 year old girl i am pakistani which means i am muslim i want to be korean singer its my dream to be i wanna join sm entertainment plz plz come to pakistan for audition i cant come to korea or any place plz i know u like beautifull girl but i cant say i am so plz take my audition i dont want to be solo singer i want to be like red velvet plz take online audition i know every song of red velvet ,bts ,girls day. Not being a korean singer my dream was to become a singer but korean singing so beautifull that i liked to much plz sm entertaint plz hiyer me i am very nice i would do anything u say but plz take audition i am talented i have songed korean songs in my school and every one liked so i have little bit proble in speaking korean but i know english very weel i would take korean classes but plz plz……

  40. Hi. I want to ask questions. If we had a online audition, do we have a chance to be a kpop star? and do you know the progress in the online audition? If we selected we will became the trinees?

  41. Hi,I have a question can you help me pls,I’m 15years old girl from Iran.I really want to audition but I want to know can I audition as an Irainian or they don’t accept me.I really love to be a kpop star.I think I’m pretty and I’m really white,my singing is good and I can dance well and I can learn dance skills very soon,but I’m not really like koreans with small eyes,so can you help me PLEASE?

  42. Am from north east India and I want to audition for smtown online, but I don’t know where to put my video so that they can check it and approve it if they like. Because am an Indian people might think my looks are like those of Bollywood actors n actress with big eyes etc., but no it’s not the way u think we people of north east part of India look very much like most of the Asians, my eyes are monolids.

  43. sha malaysian.i can sing korean chinese n japanese song..but 98% i can sing korean song.. i just know exo song..i really really want be a actor and singer..but i think they not accept because im little dark.i want collaboration with exo.hahaha…thats just my dream..forget about it..

  44. I’m from philippines,
    filipinos are good singers,rappers, and also dancers we’re also fast learners but there’s no audition in Philippines some of the filipinos who wants to be an k-pop artist will you accept us if we’ll audition????????

  45. Hi! This is mobina I’m from iran and I can’t have audition in other countries , how can send you a video , my dream is becoming k pop star in south Korea and make people smile with my songs and make them happy

  46. Hi, this is mobina I’m 13and I’m from iran and I can’t have audition in other countries, how can I send you a video , I can dance really well and my sound is well too I can sing good and my dream is becoming k pop star in south Korea and make people smile with my songs and make them happy I can play violin too, I really like to work in sm town , please answer me, thanks ***

  47. Hi I’m Living in Nagasaki,Japan but I’m going back in the Philippines this summer. I’m Filipino-Chinese and I tried sending my audition via email but it will always send me that the recipient’s inbox is full and can’t accept for now. Please tell me if there is any other email addresses available instead?

    • S.M. auditions are basically auditioning for a certain type of category. These categories are dancing, singing, acting, and modeling. YOU MAY ONLY AUDITION FOR ONE! But if you are singing, but you want to also dance, then they let you sing, then freestyle.
    • The S.M. auditions are on each third Saturday of a month. It is from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM.
    • The auditions are at 4322 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 300 Los Angeles, CA 90010
    So basically, I went to the building early (12:30 PM). TRUST ME! It is not worth going early, if you want to be at least kind of early.. then go at 1:30. When I went to the building, there weren’t any auditioners until 1:45.
    They opened the doors at like 1:50 and we obviously went inside the room/office. Right in front of you would be a lady who sits behind the counter. On the counter, there will be multiple audition forms that you would have to fill out. The forms asked for basic information (Name, Age, School, Grade, Job, Weight, Height, and Ethnicity) ALSO, there is a question on the form that asks for what you will be auditioning for.
    After there are at least 5 forms filled out, the lady will pick out the people and lead them to a dance practice room. Inside the dance practice room, there was a glass table on the left, with a camera stand on it. On the right, there was a whole wall dedicated to their past or now K-POP groups.
    Then, she explains what is expected and what we should do. She said that we should keep our hair out of our face and that it should not be blocking the number tag.
    She then gave us our number tags and we had to stand behind these sticky notes on the ground, by the wall dedicated to the KPOP groups.
    We all were in a horizontal line. The person on the very right would introduce themselves, then audition. Then, it continues with the same pattern. At the end, the lady asks if any of us wants to do the rhythm test. THE RHYTHM TEST IS OPTIONAL. Also, when people introduced themselves, they had to look directly at the camera. Singers and modelers had to look at the camera at all times. Dancers and actors didn’t have to look at the camera excluding when they introduce themselves.
    1. Name
    2. Number Tag
    3. Age
    4. School
    5. Grade
    6. Job?
    The lady will send the audition pieces to S.M. after the month has ended, Then, you will get your results in 2 months from when you had auditioned.

  49. Can someone give me a tip about auditioning online to SM ent.? Will they still accept me if I’m half chinese half filipina?

  50. Can I audition???even if I am Filipino because I’m 14 and I know how to speak Korean fluent and English and I know how to sing, rap and dance. 감 사 합 니 다

  51. Hello, I’m a Filipino female and 14 years old. I’m going to audition to sm on May? Can I ask if you can audition in sm on korea even if its not Saturday. I heard the only live audition is every weekly audition which is during Saturdays, but its actually our second to the last day so if ever (not quite positive about this though) they send me a reply thingy, I’m no longer in korea

  52. I really want to go to korea and audition for Sm but my family can’t effort sending me .
    Its my dream to become a kpop idol .I really love singing and acting .
    I’m from India but I’m Mongolian and I have brown skin so will I be qualified ?
    I’m 19 years old .
    Korea is my favorite country , I am truly in love with the kpop idols like Girls generation ,bts,Exo,iu and Suzy 😍 I want to be like them .

  53. I really wanna try out for SM’s Global Auditions here in Japan on October-November
    But I’m not sure if I have to submit an email application or not since I live in the country anyway
    Do I have to submit or not in order to be able to participate?

  54. Hello,I am a Chinese, 16 years old this year.I want to be a singer, I intend to go directly to the 2017 sm global talent draft, but I can’t enter the official website. Now” smtown” can’t open, please give me some help. I really want to achieve my singer dream

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