Month: April 2014

2nd Annual DramaFever Awards!

The 2nd Annual DramaFever Awards are happening in New York City on May 1st! Check out who’s in the running for awards!

How to: Audition for SMTown

have you ever thought about doing an SMTown Audition? We break down the different ways you can audition for one of the biggest entertainment groups in Korea

How to: Sign up for a Fan Sign in Korea

A quick and simple guide on how to navigate fan signs in South Korea. Find out how to meet your favourite idols and support them during their promotions.

Kollaboration NYC Auditions 2014

Kollaboration NYC will be hosting Auditions for their 9th annual showcase coming up in August! Deadline for Kollaboration NYC auditions is April 17th, 2014.

Teen Top High Kick in NYC Review

Teen Top performed in NYC for the opening performance of the North America tour! Check out our Teen Top NYC review and photos here!