On March 23rd, Aziatix teamed up with Toyota for their first US commercial campaign by performing in Club Nokia at Los Angeles, CA.

IAMMEDIC take the stage
IAMMEDIC take the stage
As a gesture of gratitude toward their Asian American customers, a Toyota representative said that the concert was closed to the public and only open to those who won tickets through various giveaways. Concert go-ers were able to test-drive various Toyota cars leading up to the concert and were given various goods for their participation.
Once the doors opened at 6PM, the event started with a bang with the opening act IAMMEDIC. Combined with powerful vocals and explosive dub-step, the trio act (made up of two vocalists and one DJ) pumped up the audience and set the tone for an electrifying night.
Aziatix — made up of Eddie Shin, Jay “Flowsik” Pak and Nicky Lee — began the main act by singing “Alright” from their second EP Awakening, quickly followed by a rock rendition of “Be With You.”
Aziatix perform at Club Nokia
Aziatix perform at Club Nokia
The trio, made up of Korean Americans, recently signed with Cash Money Records, which currently manages major artists in the industry such as Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne. Since the group’s debut, they have achieved much global success and has a strong international fanbase.
One of the most notable performances of the night was “Let’s Go” and was used for the 2010 G-20 Seoul Summit. Eddie Shin, vocalist and songwriter, not only co-wrote the song, but also vocally directed it, featuring artists from SNSD, Beast, SHINee, and more.
The group performed various songs from Awakening, their most recent album, that became a No. 1 hit on the iTunes R&B charts in both the U.S. and Japan.
Aziatix sing to a Japanese fan pulled from the audience
Aziatix sing to a Japanese fan pulled from the audience
In addition to “Flowsik” doing a special cover of Eminem’s “Rap God,” Aziatix prepared another surprise for their fans. They selected one of the fans, a girl from Tokyo, Japan, and brought her onstage to be serenaded by the international group.
Despite the flowing energy and excitement, the night was inevitably reaching its end. Before the group performed their last song, each of the members expressed their gratitude to their friends and family for their support.
“This song that we did with Toyota was to encourage you guys to go after your dreams,” said Nicky Lee, one of the group’s vocalists. “Keep fighting each day one at a time.”
The members said that they plan to produce more songs in Korean and Mandarin in the future.
In regards to their upcoming album, Lee said they are taking their time with it. “We don’t want to rush anything. We want to do everything right.”
Written by Natalie G @nattersaur
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