We really hate having to do this, however, due to low numbers, we are going to have to cancel the bus down to Toronto for the Teen Top concert. We do think that there is enough interest in this service, but we just didn’t have the time to plan with the time that Krowdpop gave Canada fans with their concert confirmation. We are really thankful to those who did agree to join us, but we knew if we split the costs between the numbers we had then, it just would not be financially smart for the fans. There are better options, and we would rather have the fans saving their money and being able to support other concerts as well.
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K-Soul doesn’t want to leave the people who have supported us (and others who might be interested in this information) in the dark, so here is some information for those who are going to take other forms of public transportation:


To the Greyhound
Directions from Guvernment to the Greyhound station
The bus is hands down the cheapest option for people heading to Toronto in most directions. The biggest issue with the bus is that it is Sunday evening, and so there will be demand on the tickets for people returning home.
For those heading to Ottawa, you will be using the Greyhound. There is a bus that leaves at 12:45. The next bus after that is 6:30, so after the concert, do your best to get there as quickly as you can. You won’t need to skip any of the concert though, because a bus that leaves at 9:15 or so will clear out most of the crowd.
For those heading to Kingston or Montreal, you can take the Megabus, priligy dapoxetine tablet which is the double decker bus that runs up the 401. That bus leaves at midnight. Once again, it is the last bus of the night, so don’t waste time getting to the station. However, there is also a bus that leaves at 9:10 that will empty out most of the people waiting before you.

By Train

The trains don’t run overnight down the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal corridor. So there is no real chance of catching it after the concert. However, if you are going to stay overnight, the trains are a more relaxing way to travel home, because there is none of this nonsense of hoping you’ll get seats with your friends on the train, or whatever else might happen. Guvernment is RIGHT by Union station, and so it’s not going to be a difficult walk between the two places. Union Station is a handy place to note if you need to catch the subway as well, because it will be your closest subway stop.

By Air

Why would you. If you were going by air, you probably weren’t going with us by bus anyways. But, there are the two airports in Toronto, Pearson and Toronto City Airport. For those of you coming in from REALLY far away, you’ll be using these places.
Once again, we’re truly sorry that we have to cancel this bus. I know that it was going to be a lot of fun, and we were really excited to meet all of you. Hopefully, there will be more k-pop concerts over the summer, and K-Soul will do their best to cater to fans to help make enjoying them an easier experience. Thanks once again for your support!

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