The dates and venues have been announced by Krowdpop and TOP Media for the “Teen Top High Kick in USA” (And Canada) World Tour! There are five cities finalized, and it will all come down to your ticket buying! Make sure you support your idols, and k-pop in your area!

New York City

Venue: Best Buy Theatre
Date: March 23rd, 2014
Time: 7pm

Los Angeles

Venue: Club Nokia
Date: March 25th, 2014
Time: 7pm
Ticket sales start February 21st at 7PM PST on the Krowdpop website

San Jose

Venue: San Jose Civic Centre
Date: March 28th, 2014
Time: 7pm
Ticket sales start February 21st at 7PM PST on the Krowdpop website.


Venue: Verizon Grand Prairie Theatre
Date: March 30th, 2014
Time: 7pm
Ticket sales start February 21st at 7pm CST on the Krowdpop website.


Venue: Sony Centre for the Performing Arts
Date: April 3rd 2014
Time: 7pm
Ticket sales start February 21st at 7pm EST on the Krowdpop website.
Prices will be listed on their respective ticket sites for each venue, so make sure you’re following Krowdpop for details.
Remember, Teen Top WANT to come to your cities! They’ve performed in North America before and have enjoyed themselves a lot. They would love to get to see your cities as well, so make sure that you’re buying your tickets now so that they can make it to as many of the venues as possible!

Now, we’d like to take a moment to try and answer some questions that have been coming up often, but don’t seem to get a straight answer.

Why are we buying tickets before the show is even guaranteed?

I know that this system goes completely against the ways that every concert has been in the past, however… that is the point. Before, a concert usually had to go through a producer, who would foot the money and then make a decision on the cities that would offer the highest chance on making the money back. Concerts involved spending a LOT of money, and then desperately hoping that the ticket sales would balance out the costs. This is why NYC and LA would always get tours, and other cities would be ignored. Their population density made it a much safer bet that there would be about 2000 people in the area who would be interested in k-pop and want to go see a concert. But, this system was never going to change, because there was no way for fans to prove they had the people and the money to be able to support that kind of investment.
With Krowdpop, what fans are doing is essentially putting down a deposit. The fans are saying “This is my money, my proof that I will be there and you will be able to afford this concert.” For agencies in Korea who don’t know much about Canada and the United States, it puts your city on a map that currently only shows a few choice cities and some landmarks.

Is this legitimate? Will I get my money back?

Here’s the beauty about the way all of this works. Since all the fans are just putting down a deposit, none of your ticket money is being spent until they know it can be spent. There isn’t thousands of dollars being dropped on a venue or hiring people; all of the contracts are dependant on the fans being able to make this money. So if the money doesn’t come in? Then nobody owes the venue money, or contractors money, or has to deal with useless airplane tickets. Your money has not been spent, so your money will be returned. The fact that the concert is not confirmed is the way they can ensure you will get your money back.
Remember, while Krowdpop might be new on the block for concerts, they are also being backed by MNet America, who are one of the most respected concert producers for k-pop in America. They would not associate themselves with someone who is going to bring them bad press or ruin their image.

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