The other day, K-Soul Magazine was able to announce the Teen Top North American leg of their tour, “Teen Top High Kick in USA”. The response has been incredible! Over the past two days, there have been a few changes since the initial announcement, so we wanted to review what was happening with the ticketing process.
Since there has been such a massive response across the continent, Krowdpop is once again opening up their city requests. Fans now have until February 18th, 2014 to vote for their local city. If you were planning on attending one of the six cities originally announced (New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, Dallas, Orlando or Chicago) these cities still need your vote!

How to make sure your city gets approved!

  1. Register on the Krowdpop website
  2. Go to the Teen Top artist page
  3. Vote ONCE for your city! (Don’t waste your vote on a city that absolutely won’t draw the numbers! If you are close enough to a city that is already one of the six in the running, put your support in that city. As awesome as local concerts would be, North America is still working on establishing cities beyond New York and Los Angeles. The current six are the most viable options, so I would highly suggest using your ONE vote on a major city)
  4. Keep an eye on the Krowdpop facebook page or twitter site to find out when your city makes it through to the tickets!

Voting will end on the 18th, however, if your city has been going off the chart with trending, then the ticket sales will open early. You will have at least 3-5 days warning before tickets go on sale, to make sure you can get your money together (or to load up a Paypal account or pre-paid credit card or whatever it is you will need to do)
The prices are currently listed as follows:

  1. Super VIP Pit (Tier 1) – $250, with fansign and hi-touch.

  2. VIP PIT (Tier 2) – $180, with hi-touch

  3. VIP GA Floor (Tier 3) – $150, with hi-touch

  4. VIP Balcony Seat (Tier 3) – $150, with hi-touch

What’s a hi-touch?

Hi-touch is the Korean/Japanese way of saying high fives. So a hi-touch event is one where you will get to meet each of the members of Teen Top and give them a high five (and say a quick hello and thanks for coming if you’re able to speak!)
Keep watching K-Soul Magazine on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr for updates!
For more detailed information about the voting process, please check out the Krowdpop update.

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