TOP Media, KPop United and Krowdpop are excited to announce the next leg of the Teen Top High Kick World Tour: North America!
Teen Top will be the flagship tour for the Krowdpop system. Through the Krowdpop website, the fans will be the ones who are in control of which cities get visited by Teen Top in late March. On top of being able to decide which cities are visited, purchasing tickets through the Krowdpop website comes with many benefits, including exclusive tour merchandise and fan events where you can meet the idols as well.

Ticket sales times to be announced soon! (edited @ 2:20 2/11 KST)


How does it work?

How do you bring Teen Top to your city? First, register at Krowdpop.com. Next, go to the Teen Top campaign, and check out the available cities (New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas, Orlando, Chicago and Toronto). Each city has a goal number of tickets that need to be sold to ensure that the concert happens. The reason for this is to make sure that the city can afford to host the group. (If your favourite groups can’t make any money in your city, they won’t want to come on tour in North America again! We have to make sure that concerts in North America are really appealing.)
Next, you pay for your ticket for the city you can attend. Krowdpop tickets are at a discounted price from the regular ticket vendors, and are the only site where you will have access to exclusive events where you can interact with the members before the show. Each ticket sold goes towards the city’s total, bringing it one step closer to happening!
Then, as a fan, it’s your job to make sure that everyone you know is going to that concert as well. Promote and share until your city reaches its total!

My city didn’t raise enough funds! What happens now?

If your city wasn’t able to meet the target goal, everyone will receive a full refund for the ticket they purchased, no questions asked. Don’t give up hope though, because your city can keep campaigning for other tours!

My city raised the funds! Now what?

Once your city has raised enough money to be able to support the show, KPop United will produce a concert in your city. The tickets that you purchased will be available to pick up at will call on the day of the concert. Afterwards, the tickets will go on sale at regular ticketing sites, at full price (higher than the Krowdpop site.)

Teen Top High Kick North America


Teen Top website (Korean and English)

    1. I don’t believe so. They should be posted in the coming hours. The prices will vary depending on the venue (if I heard correctly) but I can’t confirm yet. K-Pop United and TOP Media should be updating all that information throughout the day. 🙂

      1. Ah, thanks. ^^ I thought it was me and I was going over the site with a fine tooth comb, thinking I missed something vital. I’ll just wait it out then (But damn, I finally resorted to e-mailing their info address a little while ago. Che.).

    1. A few weeks back, there was a really big survey done of the Teen Top fans across North America. Sadly, Vancouver didn’t have the numbers to get on the list. So now with the Krowdpop site, people in Vancouver will get to campaign for upcoming tours! 🙂

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