IMG_4989On September 21st and 22nd 2013, rookie group Bigstar made a special appearance at the Inspiring Korea Festival, organized by Korea Tourism Organization  in Malaysia. Long awaited by Malaysia’s Bigstar’s fandom, the boy group made their appearance for two days straight. The event was held in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur where the venue was already filled by fans since 10 in the morning. They were all patiently waiting for Bigstar’s performance at 6pm.
In the meantime, there were other activities and a performance by Bibap – Delicious Musical, which is a non-verbal performance. This performance is based on the Korean representative dish, bibimbap which is a rice mixed with vegetables and beef. The actors were mimicking the sound of process in making bibimbap with beat-boxing and a cappella singing. The dancers were experts in b-boying, acrobatics and also martial arts. To make the performance feel closer to home, the actors mixed in a few Malaysia words in the performance which earned them a loud applause.
After the stunning performance by the very talented Bibap – Delicious Musical performers, they were followed by the ground event, My K-Pop Talent Quest 2013 or also famously known as MyKTQ 2013. This competition aimed to scout the best among the best of Malaysian K-Pop fans to show and present their talent and flaunt their fancy dance steps. The competition was hosted by Malaysia’s renowned K-Pop host, Wind Lee. The ultimate Grand Prize for the winner among the 10 finalist was a full-sponsored Hallyu trip to Korea, while the runner-up, third place and consolation winner were awarded with cash prizes. The winner for this competition was an all-boys group under the name of Progression.
As the clock began to near 6 o’clock, a loud scream was heard from behind the stage.  The time was approaching for Bigstar performance and the heart of every fan was beating in excitement because finally, they were going to see their favourite idol group. Right at 6, Bigstar made their first appearance which gained a very loud applause from the audience, roaring through the Pavilion Shopping Mall.  After a short greeting, the boys kick-started their performance with Hot Boys, their well-known debut song with strong voice and well organize choreography. Even though they were performing on such a small stage, 100% sincerity could be seen in Feeldog, Baram, Raehwan, Sunghak and Jude as they were all singing and dancing, enjoying their time with their fans.
IMG_5041The boys then introduced themselves to the public, and to live up the Inspiring Korea Festival event, they took this opportunity to introduce and promote their country and hometown as well and gave reasons why people should visit their respective hometown. For Bigstar, communication with their fans in Malaysia was not a huge problem, as Jude and Raehwan could speak in English very fluently, while Feeldog showed an effort to communicate in English. Following the self-introduction, the boys brought the floor down by performing the sweet but strong lyrics from their first mini-album, 생각나 (Think). As the members of Bigstar sang this song whole-heartedly, the audiences also immersed themselves in the incredibly solid vocals and rap to match. It became a song that left an impact in all the audiences’ heart. The group then had a MC moment, where the boys interacted with the audiences by playing a stage game.  This had the audiences jumping on their feet, hoping to be chosen by their favourite member. The lucky five five were playing ddakji, a classic Korean game. The contestants from the audiences were diligently having a one-on-one tutor session on how to play the game. This game was fun to watch on stage and very suitable for the boys of Bigstar to interact with their fans.
After a fun session of ddakji, Bigstar announced that they would be performing  날라리(Hooligan) for the very first time live. This earned them a very loud and enthusiastic round of applause from the audience that roared through the Pavilion Shopping Mall. The very addictive lyrics of the song made all the audiences get up on their feet, dancing and singing along to the boys. The next song, Baby Girl, was a sweet and serene song, melting everyone’s heart. For this song, they asked for audiences’ involvement to sing-a-long certain part of the lyrics with them. Seeing how much support was given by the fans, the boys all looked touched and enjoying being there, together with the fans.
IMG_5263When the song ended, they took a break with another MC session and played another stage game. This time is also another Korean favourite “Rock, Scissor, Paper Relay” but the MC in charge together with the chosen contestant turned it into a Malay classic game which is very similar but with different characters. After the stage game, the boys announced that they had a surprise prepared especially for Malaysia’s fans who had been supporting them from the start. The surprise was, they started singing a Malay classic folk song, Rasa Sayang, sounding fluent. Once again, the Pavilion Shopping Mall was roaring with applause and the audience sang along with them. It was very clear to see the amount of effort that Big Star had put into the event, and the Malaysia fan base were so overwhelmed by their efforts, there were a few who were in tears with joy.
The next song that the boys performed was a surprise because it was one done by a group called “Hot Boys” called 느낌이와(Feel). This cute and joyful song really made the entire audience dance along with Bigstar. It was a very big change for their image –they seemed fresh and different. However, every beginning must come to an end, and Bigstar’s show had to close. They chose their latest single 일단달려(Run & Run) from their mini album, Hang Out, as a finale to their first performance in Malaysia. This song is full of cute, funny and comical dance steps, which made all of the fans overjoyed to watch it live. After a final greeting and a promise to come back and meet Malaysia’s fans again, they left the stage with a heavy heart as the fans were cheering for them, holding onto Bigstar’s promise in their heart.
One of the things that stood out the most about Bigstar’s performance was how much they were enjoying themselves and how they were doing their best performing on such a small stage. Their steps might have had to be small, but their hearts were just as big as an arena stage. They also tried to minimize using Korean in order to communicate with their fans in Malaysia. Sunghak’s random shout like “Figting!”, “Aja” and a few others managed to make many smile and enjoy the show even more, seeing their true colours shine through. Even though it was not as long as a regular concert and nothing big or filled with surprises, it was enough for the fans who had been patiently waiting for them. They will be eagerly waiting for Big Star’s promised return.
Review by: Mira
Pictures by: Feda


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