Twin Towers Live2013 returned for its third instalment and was held on March 22 and March 23, 2013 at Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur or better known as KLCC, a famous shopping complex and office buildings in Malaysia. The first instalment, Twin Towers @ Live2011, featured artists such as Yuna, The Azenders, Bunkface, wakaka dance group, Wondergirls, and Hoobastank, while the second instalment of Twin Towers @ Live 2012 featured Nicole Scherzinger, Girls’ Generation, Orianthi,  Kelis, Faizal Tahir, Reshmonu and James Baum. This yearly FREE concert was being held in conjunction of FORMULA 1 PETRONAS MALAYSIA GRAND PRIX race.

Day 1 – 22 March 2013

The first day of Twin Towers @ Live 2013 started up with a hot weather. The press conference was held at the Hilton Kuala Lumpur Hotel while the venue of the free concert was at the park of the tallest twin building in the world, Petronas Twin Towers. Upon arriving at the Ballroom A at the hotel, we could see the fans gathered alongside the hall and at the reception area just to get a glimpse of U-KISS, Demi Lovato and Backstreet Boys.

The press conference
The press conference
The press conference started with U-KISS on stage, being interviewed by the fun emcee Serena C. U-KISS introduced themselves, and the MC asked them about their Multi language skills. The audience sang the birthday song for the two members who celebrated their birthday in March, Soohyun and Eli. When asked about the possibility of having their full concert, Kevin answered that they have always wanted to have a full concert here as Malaysian Kiss Me have been waiting for a long time for it.
As subgroups activities are becoming a trend in the Korean music industry, U-Kiss were asked about the possibility of having sub-unit groups this year.  Seeing that they did have solo and duet tracks in their recently released album, “Collage”, they said that it was very likely for them to have sub-unit groups later this year. When asked their favourite track form the album “Collage”. AJ and Eli chose their duet song “Party All The Time”, Soohyun with “Missing You”, Kevin chose his own solo song “My Reason” reasoning that he was drawn from his first love experience, Dongho with “Because I Love You” while Kiseop and Hoon chose their title track “Standing Still”.
When the media mentioned of collaborations, they picked Backstreet Boys as one of the artist that they wanted to collaborate with. Showing their fanboy side over Backstreet Boys, Kevin said “We heard that Backstreet Boys is here. We actually practice their songs a lot before debut. We are very excited to meet them but we heard that they are performing tomorrow. I hope that we het to meet them here (at the press conference). We’re actually big fans of BSB. Maybe in the future if we get a chance to collaborate”.
Demi Lovato came out after the session with U-KISS ended. She said that it was such an honour to be in Malaysia for Twin Towers @ Live 2013 event. When asked about her fans, she said that being a role model was something that she’d take very seriously as the things she did as an artist does gives impact to fans and people out there. When she was asked about her first impression of Malaysia and she said that the weather was extremely hot and the places were really clean. She also said that she loved spending time with her family during her free time or just worked and running errands.
The Backstreet Boys were the last one to come out at the press conference and their entrance was greeted with a loud cheer from the media. 2013 will be the Backstreet Boy’s 20th anniversary in the music industry. The Backstreet Boys felt great to be back in Malaysia and informed the media about their World Tour concert which will start soon, and dropped hints about their documentary program. One of the media asked them about their thoughts of how they grew how their team work was for the past 20 years as Backstreet Boys.  They said that they were still the same Backstreet Boys that the fans loved and they want to create pop music that can grow and at the same time can satisfy the fans. Responding to the media’s question to describe The Backstreet Boys after 20 years in one word, Brian said “Timeless” which AJ burst out as he was thing of the same word too, then answered “Infinity”. Howie D said “Season”, Kevin with “Refined” while Nick said “Old”. They also felt honoured to be inspiring the young singers that chose them as a role model, and advised those you singers to try new things and sounds, not to be afraid of challenges as well as not to limit their creativities. To wrapped up their press conference session, they said that the fans could expect a lot of fun and they will bring back the 20 years memories in 1 and a half hour show.
On the 22nd March, the first night of Twin Towers @ Live 2013 started off with a powerful performance from a dance crew, Project Elementz with DJ Face playing remixes in the background. Next was Atilia, a powerful Jazz singer who performed her hit tracks including Sangkar, Indah and Selagi. Athilia also performed Mary J Blidge’s All Night Long. Next up on the list was K-Town Clan, who dominated the stage with their powerful hits such as Backstreet’s Back and Trap, instantly levelled up the crowd’s energy level.
U-Kiss perform
U-Kiss perform
The great Kpop sensation, U-Kiss wowed the crowd with their hit tracks including Neverland, 0330, Standing Still and Someday. KISS ME’s were singing along with the boys and did not forget to recite the fan chanting during their performance on stage. The night’s last performer was a multi-talented singer, Demo Lovato who brought a spectacular performance on stage by performing her hit songs such as Unbroken and Here We Go Again. Demi Lovato’s fans stayed at the venue even though it rained before Demi Lovato’s performance. The night ended with DJ Face playing his beats on the stage as the crowd continued to party and dance.

Day 2 – 23 March 2013

The weather for the second day of Twin Towers @ Live 2013 was cloudy with a little bit of rain. However, this did not stop the crowd from queuing up at the entrance as early as noon to see big names such as 2NE1 and Backstreet Boys. They didn’t even move from their spot when rain was pouring down. The organizer was generous and provided the fans that were waiting in the rain with raincoats. The crowd was being entertained by the emcees, DJ JD and DJ Dilly, two very friendly DJs from a local Radio Station, Mix FM, while DJ Tatsuro played his remixes in the background.
The second day of Twin Towers @ Live 2013 was officially started with b-boy performances from the winner of dance show Showdown 2012, Dem Lepak Boyz (DLB) before they were joined by a local Hip-Hop act, Caprice. Their collaboration on stage brought up the atmosphere as the fans were enjoying their performances. Besides performing his own songs, Caprice and Dem Lepak Crew performed a remake of Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake.
Twin Towers @ Live 2013 was not just another concert that only provided entertainment for the crowd as it too, joined the 60 minutes’ Earth Hour celebration with the rest of the world. The concert was held in the dark or minimal lights for the duration of 60 minutes to embrace the Earth Hour, and the crowd was still enjoying the performances to the fullest. During this time, Malaysia and Asia’s No.1 beatboxer, Shawn Lee entertained the crowd with his beat boxing skills, followed by UV Light dance and drum performance. Next up was One Nation Emcees. They took the stage by performing a few of their hit songs. Then, Malaysia’s very own Mizz Nina came out to perform her latest single that featured Jay Park, Around The World, before continuing her performance with a few more of her hit songs.
10_mizz ninaThe crowd went wild as 2NE1 members made their entrance on stage. The girls looked stunning on stage as they opened up their performance with Fire. Blackjacks in Malaysia cheered and sang out loud alongside 2NE1 as they couldn’t confined their joy and excitement of being able to see the girls closely. Other than Fire, 2NE1 performed Can’t Nobody, Lonely, Ugly, I Am The Best and I Love You – a total of 6 songs all together. The most memorable moment was when Blackjacks made a surprise event by wishing a happy birthday to Park Bom. A small cake was brought up onto the stage for the birthday girl.
In conjunction with their 20th anniversary in the music industry, the longest running boy band in the world, The Backstreet Boys, was being honored as the last performer for Twin Towers @ Live 2013. They brought back the memory of many fans that grew up listening to their music by delivering a total of 11 songs accompanying by live instruments on that night. They performed (not in any particular order)  The Call, Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely, As Long As you love Me, The One, Quit Playing Games (With My Heart), All I Have To Give, Drowning, Shape Of My Heart, I’ll Never Break Your Heart, I Want It That Way and Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) as the encore song. Backstreet Boys’ showmanship was awesome as always, as they picked 3 lucky fans and serenade them with two songs. The also surprised the audience when they danced to Psy’s Gangnam Style. The Backstreet Boys also announced that their performance in Malaysia was a warm up to their upcoming World Tour.
Twin Towers @ Live 2013 wrapped up the night around 12:30am. It was an honour for us to be able to attend this concert as media as it was hard to see local artists performing together with such renown K-pop and International artists such as U-Kiss, 2NE1, Demi Lovato and Backstreet Boys in one event. Through this kind of concert, more people could see the power of K-pop and began to appreciate K-pop even more. We are surely can’t wait to see which K-pop artists will perform at the next instalment of Twin Towers @ Live 2014 next year.

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