“We can’t wait to start promoting. In the United States and Asia- we’re going to be heating up everywhere,” said Nicky Lee during a CNN interview of AZIATIX. This February the group broke national and worldwide news by announcing of a contract of a whopping 11. 3 million dollars with American record company YMCMB. This is a stellar label to belong to, working among global stars like Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Wayne, Drake, Jay Sean part of the family. Aziatix is well positioned for further success with their upcoming activities in America. Their first single with YMCMB is due to be released soon.
AZIATIX is a Korean-American R&B/ HipHop trio, composed of Nicky Lee, Flowsik and Eddie Shin and directed by the renowned producer Jae Chong, a former member of Korean R&B group SOLID. Besides AZIATIX, he has produced and composed for many other international Asian artists like Coco Lee, Boa, and JYJ, among other groups.
Before the members came together as a group in 2011 each of them had already built their own solo careers. Nicky Lee grew up in Los Angeles, but started his career in Asia in 1998 as a member of Korean R&B group “Voice”. He has also achieved great success in the Chinese music industry as a solo artist with five albums released and, moreover, he was awarded “Best Male Singer” at the Mandarin Pop Music Awards in 2007.
Rapper of the group Flowsik from Queens, New York is well known in the Hip Hop scene in the US. He collaborated with legendary rapper Ice-T and after coming to Korea Flowsik also worked together with K-Pop idols like JYJ.
Eddie Shin is an R&B singer/songwriter, born in Boston, but raised in Seoul. He started composing at the age of 16 and debuted in Korea with his self-produced album “Just my way” in 2005. He studied music at NYU and also wrote for other Korean artists. With his multi-cultural understanding of music, Eddie Shin creates a unique sound of his songs.
azbw1In spite of working as a group for only two years, AZIATIX have produced truly impressive results. They earned the title of “Best New Asian Artist Group” at Mnet Asian Music Award in 2011, only a few months after releasing their debut album, which reached #4 on iTunes R&B charts. AZIATIX’s second album “Awakenin” also reached #1 on iTunes R&B charts not only in Korea, but in other countries like Japan and U.S.

Joining YMCMB puts AZIATIX in an enviable position with that label’s experience, reputation and connections. At a pre-Grammy party on February, 9th the founder and CEO of YMCMB Ronald “Slim” Williams introduced AZIATIX to the public as a new member of the family. “They are very creative, they’re so special,” said Slim about the Korean-American collective. He continued, “We want to bring them out and be a part of this, so that people know about AZIATIX.”
AZIATIX has already gained a strong fanbase not only in Asia, but globally as well. Expectations about their new album are very high, because the group worked with truly outstanding people of the music industry. Their title song “Take it all” was recorded along with a Grammy- award winning producer Red One, who worked with world- wide stars like Lady Gaga, Backstreet Boys, Jennifer Lopez, Usher and lots of others. And for their new music video, AZIATIX worked with Jeff Panzer, a famous music producer, who has worked with such popular artists like The Rolling Stones, Lil’ Wayne, Nelly, Brian McKnight, etc.
While it might be too early to talk about global successes yet, the contract with YMCMB is the beginning of reaching worldwide popularity for AZIATIX. In an EnewsWorld interview they shared about their expectations and future goals. “We want to make the Asian wave really big,” said Flowsik, “I dreamed of becoming the best rapper in America since I was little, and since I’ve found a stage on which I can try, I’ll definitely work hard to make it come true.” Nicky Lee shared, “We’re aiming for no. 1 on Billboard. If we really end up in that spot, it’ll mean our music has been accepted. We’ll be making hope into reality, so you can definitely look forward to that.”
By Alexandra Yu
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