If something about Pure sounds familiar to you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. There is a very familiar sound to this new group, and it certainly comes as a compliment. The CEO of Pure Entertainment was originally inspired by the sound and unity of the five member DBSK group, and wanted to create a group with the same kind of image and sound. While Pure are very much their own group, the strong vocals and dance moves are very reminiscent of the famous group.
Since December 2012, Pure have been performing around Korea and Japan, building a small and devoted fan base at mini lives before coming out with their official debut this spring with “I Still Love You”. The most notable part to the live performance is most certainly the “magic stick dance”, where canes seem to appear from midair for the chorus. A trick borrowed from magicians the canes were revealed to be spring loaded into a very small hand held container. Then with a push of a button, it springs to life.
If “I Still Love You” caught your attention, be sure to keep an eye on Pure this year. They want to be sure everyone knows they’re not nearly as dark as their debut song appears, as the hand written interview in the following pages show. They hope they can show their pure and sweet personalities in their upcoming singles.

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