Dalkom StoryHi everyone! I’m Dora. I’m a 5 month old shih tzu, and the newest regular article in K-Soul Magazine. Now that I’m old enough to go out and meet other dogs, I thought I would share my adventures with everyone.
If you’re a foreigner in South Korea, finding out about pet related things can be very difficult. The pet owning and pampering culture is a new one, and there is not much about it in English. There’s nothing like PetSmart or any other big pet stores to buy all your supplies, and no such things as dog parks where we can run free. However, there is something really special in Korea. These are dog cafes, where people can go to a special café that owns a collection of dogs, and play with them. They’re mostly to help out people who can’t own a dog because of their own, but many dog owners bring their dogs to these cafes to help them become more social.
For many foreigners, there are only a few well-known cafes, and they are found in downtown Seoul, which can be difficult to get to. However, there are dog cafes in many suburbs in Gyeonggi region as well! Today, I went to “Dalkom Story” in Bucheon with my owner.
Dalkom Story is a really relaxing café with a cool atmosphere. The decorations are simple and pet friendly, but not stark or bare looking. There are lots of wooden walls and tables to help give it a very cozy feeling to it, and the dogs are allowed to go wherever they want. The smaller dogs will sometimes sit on the tables so people can pet them, while the larger dogs are supposed to stay down.
You would think that, in South Korea, most cafes would have the smaller dogs that pet stores seem to cater to, but there are lots of different sized dogs at the café, with different ages. There are tiny buy accutane online acne Maltese dogs, some golden labs, a huge standard poodle, and a young English Bulldog with a lot of character. There are often other dogs brought by their owners as well. Today, I went to the café with Hangboki and her owner.
To be allowed to stay in the café, the people must order a drink. Of course, because the drink is a cover for getting to play with the puppies, the prices are higher than normal, between 6-8000 won for a drink. 5000 for a Coke. It’s a much easier pill to swallow when you remind yourself the drink is actually paying for their food and cleaning supplies and regular care.
On top of being a café where people can play with dogs or bring their own dogs, Dalkom Story also sells various items that you might look for in a pet shop, including very cute outfits and grooming supplies. If your apartment is more of a shoebox and the thought of cleaning your pet at home sounds like too much trouble, you can also use their self-service grooming centre. The prices depend on the size of the dog, but are rather reasonable. They have the top supplies there, with clippers and a big sink and even a massive drying booth that dries dogs in a flash. No more evil hair dryers!
If your owner is going away for a bit, you might be put in the Dog Hotel. Dalkom Story offers Dog Hotel services, which is just a kennelling service with a cuter name. Once again, the price varies on the dog’s sizes.
Dalkom Story is open 7 days a week, 10am to 10pm.
Address: 544-9 Sangdong, Bucheon, Gyeonggi. 3rd floor.
Go out Sangdong station, exit 3 and go straight. Turn right at the pedestrian street, and it’s in the same building as the Baskin Robbins on the 3rd floor. There is a sign outside that says ????

  1. Thanks for the great article. Misha and I will look forward to seeing the other places you discover and hope that some/one of them are in the Dongdaemun area, too. 🙂

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