Dongho1Being the youngest of the group, Shin Dongho is also the member who has spent the most of his life out of all of the members as an idol. Debuting with U-Kiss when he was only 14, most of his teen years have been spent in the spotlight in one way or another. When asked about how he might describe U-Kiss in another ten years from now, it’s natural that Dongho would think about it with his own age. “If it’s 10 years from now… I’d be 29 years old… still “young”??”

Despite Dongho’s young age, he is one of the more recognized members of the group by the general public because of his frequent guest spots on various television programs. Taking part in these shows, Dongho has often been seen as the unofficial promoter for the group through television programs, bringing attention to the group outside of their promotions.
Over the past few years, Dongho has begun moving viagra online generic from being on variety programs to also working as an actor. In 2011, Dongho could be seen as the lead role in shows like the teen sitcom “Real School” and the action mini-series “Holyland”, both co-starring with other U-Kiss members as well. Dongho was also a regular character in the full length drama “Royal Family.” Currently, Dongho is promoting “Don’t Cry, Mommy”, a movie that will have a national theatrical release in November. When asked about projects in the future, Dongho would like to continue down this path on screen. “I’m continuing to do acting as a solo activity, but I think it would be good for me to learn more about it and try taking slightly more mature roles.”
As for our zombie question that is not nearly as mature as Dongho? “You’re going to lose even if you battle them, right?” Dongho asks before rationally answering, “I’d like it best if that day never comes.”

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