Kevin Woo has always known that he was going to be a performer. “Since both of my parents worked in the industry, I was always naturally around music since I was a kid.” Kevin explains when asked about his childhood. “Because of that, I’d never thought about doing something which wasn’t music.” Knowing that his future was in music, Kevin made the jump from living in the United States to Korea when he was finished middle school, and has been singing ever since. “Whenever I can, as a singer, I want to receive love from the fans. From the beginning till now, I also want to thank and show love to my fans for all the love and support they’ve given me.”

Being one of two native English speakers in U-Kiss, Kevin is often able to communicate with fans from other countries. When they perform internationally, Kevin is often seen as the one that seems most comfortable in attempting new languages, be it French, Spanish or Japanese. Because of this, Kevin is able to get to know the differences, and similarities, between their fans. “Japanese fans are really quiet. The Koreans cheer really loud, but Japanese fans just want to listen to the songs, right? However, the passion and love we get from the fans is the same no matter where we go.”
As the group continues to grow and evolve, each of the members get opportunities to tackle projects outside of their U-Kiss promotions. Taking on musical theatre at the beginning of 2011, and also taking part in musical collaborations in Japan and Korea, Kevin thinks he would like to try his hand at solo promotions one day. “I like promoting with U-KISS but there is a limit to the kind of music we can do as a group, so I’d like to give solo activities a try too.”
When asked to describe how he’d like to see U-Kiss in ten years, Kevin is hoping they can be considered mature. “I hope we’ll all have worked as best we can, and end up becoming successful adults in the process.” However, if U-Kiss weren’t able to make it to ten years due to a zombie apocalypse, don’t expect him to be enjoying it. “That sounds scary.”

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