With a voice sweet as honey and the definition of “chocolate abs”, it’s quite easy to see how the U-Kiss fan base has developed a taste for Yeo Hoonmin. Having joined the group in early 2011, Hoon has been an active part of the Japanese promotions since the very start of their official Japanese debut. His bright and charming personality shone through as Hoon’s Japanese improved, winning over fans both at home and abroad.

As the members of U-Kiss continue to receive love, letters and gifts from around the world, Hoon appreciates the time and thought spent more than anything else. “We’re thankful and appreciative of everything which we receive because somebody is thinking of us.” If made to pick one thing though, Hoon answered, “If I were to choose one gift that I simply like the best, rather than expensive presents, it’s things like snacks that we can share with the staff members who are working generic cialis fast delivery hard and sweating right alongside us!”The reason is their busy schedules, Hoon explained.“Because of what we’re doing, we often can’t eat a full meal, so snacks and drinks that we can just grab on the go make everybody happy.”
When thinking about the future, Hoon has his eyes on acting. “I want to try more with acting. Earlier this year I was in “Holyland” and had the chance to be a part of an action drama, which was a lot of fun,” Hoon said, referring to the mini-series he was in with U-Kiss group mate Dongho. “I want to be able to do more of the same thing.”
One thing is certain with Hoon, however – he is completely devoted to the group. “Even if we become zombies, U-KISS will be U-KISS!” If ever the world did become plagued with zombies, U-Kiss fans can rest assure, knowing there will still be U-Kiss to support.

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