One of two American born members, Eli Kim helps bring the international flavour needed in a group who’s name means Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Stars. Able to speak English and Chinese as well as Korean, Eli is able to communicate with his fans from around the world comfortably. On top of that, he continues to study Japanese with the rest of his group.

His entertainment career began with aspiring to be an actor in China, but he eventually became a member of U-Kiss a few years later. Continuing to work sometimes in television through Arirang TV, as well as acting in a drama in Thailand, Eli’s love for acting has never faded, though his devotion to U-Kiss is most important. “U-KISS has been able to grow and over come a lot of obstacles, and I want to continue to see us grow,” Eli explains, looking back on the group’s past. “So please watch us as we continue to walk along this road.” With U-Kiss’ success globally, Eli sees the group’s potential to grow even further.
Though it seems Eli can see U-Kiss’ potential in the future, when asked where they might be in ten years, “Expanding?! Growing?! I’d have to say that the best answer is that we’re growing, step-by-step, and I want to see that growth continuing,” Eli explained. “So you shouldn’t take your eyes off us~”
As for the distant future ending in a potential zombie apocalypse? “I’d like it if a zombie apocalypse didn’t come at all!!”

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