Of all the members of U-Kiss, Lee Kiseop could easily be considered the member who is most vocal with his love for their fans. On the official fan club website, messages from Kiseop can be found taking over their message boards, and he’s always quick to talk about how much he loves his fans. After travelling around the world to perform over the past year, Kiseop noted the differences between the Kiss Me’s around the world. “One point is that the Filipino fans are really active and passionate at performances, whereas Japanese fans are really quiet. Something that’s the same with all our fans though is that everybody sings along with our songs in Korean! I’m thankful every time for this. Whenever I’m on stage, I feel so touched.”

As someone who is so clear about his love for their fans, Kiseop’s choice for favourite gifts from their fans is clear. “Sincere fan letters.” He answers without second thought. “Whenever I have time, I read them one at a time and when I do, the strength I was lacking seems to well up in me.”
Even when asked about taking on personal projects outside of U-Kiss, Kiseop’s focus on the group never falters. “Many people around me have recommended that I try acting. If I have a chance, I’d like to do so, but for now I want to focus on promoting with U-KISS first.”
When asked about what his reaction would be if the world did end with a zombie apocalypse, Kiseop’s reaction is the same to any other question. “If humans become zombies, then it really is the end isn’t it?” Kiseop asks, clearly not liking the thought. “Then I can’t meet Kiss Mes anymore!” Now that’s devotion to your fans.

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