As the leader of U-Kiss, one would think that Shin Soohyun would have the weight of the world on his shoulders. Instead, Soohyun has reveled in the position, his love for his group and compassion towards his fans clear with every note sung and every word spoken.
K-Soul Magazine: You’ve recently just marked your four-year anniversary, and have just released your 7th mini album. If you could go back and re-record any song from U-Kiss’ discography, which would you pick and why?
Soohyun: The more I practice and the more I’m on stage, the more I want to re-record every song. It would be great if people could hear and enjoy all of our songs since we’ve improved so much. What I really want to do is re-record the 5th mini album (0330). As it’s the first song we recorded after the member change, I’d like to try recording it once again with a more relaxed mindset.
When it comes to U-Kiss’ successes overseas, Soohyun notes their performance in Paris, France as one of their most memorable, when they took part in Music Bank – Paris. “I was really surprised when we went to Paris. Everybody was singing along to our songs in Korean!!” he laughed. Even with their own attempts at being true to their name of being ubiquitous and international, hearing the international fans singing along in Korean is clearly something that the members of U-Kiss love.
For many fans, getting to communicate with the members of U-Kiss seems an impossible feat, so many use letters and gifts as a way of letting their admiration be shown. Soohyun finds that he is easy to please. “I really like fan letters, or anything that fans want to give!” Fan letters let the fans speak to the members of U-Kiss with more detail and thought than Twitter or any brief moment at a fan event can allow, so it’s no wonder why Soohyun enjoys them.
With all the members having their own side projects along with their promotions, Soohyun stated, “Besides promoting with U-KISS, I would also like to try doing solo promotions. My digital single “Snow Man” was released in the winter as my first solo single, but there were no promotions for it. If there’s an opportunity to do so, I’d like to try promoting as a solo artist.”
For a bit of fun, we asked the members what would be their reaction of the world ended with a zombie apocalypse. “Zombies can still sing right?” Soohyun asked, laughing. “Then I’ll be the first singing zombie!” The sign of a true singer – Not even the living dead could stop him.

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