The second issue of K-Soul Magazine is now complete! It’s been much more of a wait than we expected, however we’re able to bring much more than we ever hoped for with our second issue!
Our feature this issue is an Exclusive Interview with U-Kiss! We were able to discuss the past, present, and future of U-Kiss with Soohyun, Kiseop, Eli, Hoon, Kevin and Dongho. We’re ecstatic that U-Kiss were able to be our first interview for K-Soul magazine. We look forward to being able to bring more interviews in the coming months, providing English interviews with some of Korea’s top artists!
As well, the Fall issue features the dance community in Seoul. Inside, you’ll find a thorough review of the R-16 Breakdancing world championship, as well as an article highlighting three studios that offering multilingual services in both Korean and English. We know that for many fans of Korean music, their passion for their interest doesn’t end just at listening to the music. For those in Seoul, both long term and on vacation, the opportunity to take a k-pop dance lesson would be an exciting and new way to experience their favourite music.
You will also find concert reviews from the SHINee World II concert and JYP Nation, as well as information about Seoul in the fall, including details about Chuseok (which can already be found on our website here) and details about the Cheonggyecheon and it’s lantern festival in November.
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As you can see, we have switched over to using Issuu as our online host. This site allows for easier downloading of the pdf file for your smart phones, tablets and e-readers. Please let us know what you think about the online hosting, and if there are any issues with acquiring a digital copy. In the future, getting the magazines on Amazon or the apple Newsstand application is one of our goals, but this will require more support from you, the readers.
As you can see as well, the magazine is growing in success much faster than we anticipated. With your continued support, we’re really looking forward to bringing you more interviews and reviews in the future. With the success of the magazine growing, the cost of delivering each issue continues to grow. Currently, the magazine is being funded entirely out of pocket of staff. Website hosting along with promotions, the magazine is beginning to need the support of its readers. For the time being, the magazine is still free, however, if you enjoy what you are reading, and would like to continue to see more issues of K-Soul magazine, we recommend paying


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